Some UAE schools get extra holiday for National Day

some uae schools get extra holiday for national day Some UAE schools get extra holiday for National DayUAE: All schools in the UAE will be closed todady (Thursday), November 28, to celebrate the UAE’s win to host the World Expo 2020 in Dubai as well as the upcoming UAE National Day celebrations.

The holiday for schools and educational institutions was ordered by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

That means that schools in the UAE will be closed from tomorrow [Thursday November 28] until Tuesday December 3 – six days.

“A national holiday has been declared for schools and universities for Thursday Nov.28 – enjoy the long weekend!” said Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai in a tweet.

Many schools in the UAE have announced a two-day extended weekend to mark the 42nd UAE National Day, which falls on Monday (December 2), while some have given an additional day off making it a three-day break, Emirates 24|7 Senior Reporter Sneha May Francis added earlier.

Some Dubai schools have altered their school calendar and shifted the holidays from December 2-3 to December 1-2, in line with the public sector holidays.

They will resume duties on December 3.

“As you are all aware, we have a school calendar that has announced December 2 and 3 as holidays. But we, Star International School, will follow (His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai) Sheikh Mohammad’s directive,” read the newsletter from Star International School at Al Twar.

However, some schools have stuck to the original school calendar and will give an additional day-off on December 1 (Sunday), turning it into a five-day-long weekend.

“Our school will be closed on December 1, 2 and 3,” confirmed a staff at GEMS Wellington Primary school.

JPS and Emirates International School have also followed the same holiday pattern.

The school newsletter had stated that it will be closed for three days to mark the 42nd UAE National Day, a parent from JPS informed. “It was in the newsletter,” she added.

In Abu Dhabi, most of the schools that Emirates24|7 contacted informed that they have matched the two-day format set for the public sector.

Al Rawafed Private School, GEMS Cambridge International School and Belvedere British School will be closed for two days – December 1 and 2.

Even in Sharjah most schools have announced two days off. When the website called Australian International School and Brilliant International Private School they informed that December 1 and 2 were marked holidays.

A staff at the Delhi Private School in Sharjah informed that they had not officially announced the dates yet, but “most likely” it would be December 1 and 2.

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Al Ghurair University, Dubai-Career Fair

al ghurair university dubai career fair  Al Ghurair University, Dubai Career FairDubai, UAE: “Career Success Does Not Mean Merely Getting a Job; it is a Long-Term Process of Channeling the Talent of the Youth into Right Career Streams”–Said Professor Mohamed Khalifa, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Al Ghurair University ( AGU ), Dubai at the Inaugural Function of the University’s Career Fair

“The one-point thrust of many an educational institution is merely to find jobs for their students. However, the AGU believes in a long-term focus, which involves a series of initiatives, including understanding the personality profiles of students, working out their unique career paths, organizing multiple workshops on their personality development, implementing an innovative program of full-time internship, and finally empowering them to stake their claim for taking a lion’s share of the career opportunities both in the public and private sectors”, said Professor Mohamed Khalifa, Vice President, Academic Affair, AGU while inaugurating the Career Fair on the campus of the University. “The availability of a dedicated Centre for Career Planning and Placement Services, fully equipped with the physical and human resources, was instrumental in undertaking these initiatives and in enabling the students in putting up a good show in terms of their placement percentages”, he added.

The Students Succeed in Impressing the Employers:

The recruitment agencies, which participated in the Career Fair, opined that a large number of fresh graduates, in general, do not have any experience whatsoever, and, therefore, encounter many challenges in their placement. “However, the exposure of the AGU students to the world of work was a pleasant surprise and was one of the reasons for their good performance in the selection tests conducted in the Career Fair and in their shortlisting for the subsequent rounds to be conducted in the near future”, said Mr. Banan Bakkar, Partner & Consultant, Global Management Consultants.

However, Mr. Oumayma Hammami, Marketing Manager, Brain Investment and Education, cautioned the students that in the contemporary “employers’ market”, which is characterized by hundreds of potential candidates to choose from, only those candidates who keep their knowledge, skills, and attitudes current and up-to-date finally succeed in effectively managing and developing their careers.

Emphasizing the crucial significance of internship in career development, Miss Meghavi Banerjee Trivedi, Strategic Alliances Manager, INTERNSME, told the students that it is the foundation for their future careers. “It is an opportunity for them to gain hands-on, real-life work experience with a real working organization – an experience that will be invaluable for their future career and success”, she added.

Entrepreneurship: A Fascinating Career Avenue:

The career counselors were unanimous in their opinion that the job opportunities offered by both public and private sectors, across the globe, are too limited to accommodate the huge number of graduates churned out by the higher education sector. “Self-employment and entrepreneurship, for which the Government, Banks, and Financial Institutions in the region have been providing generous support, should be considered by the youth as one of most viable career options”, said Ms. Nadine Halibi, Dubai Business Women Council. “Self-employment and entrepreneurship would be greatly instrumental in making the youth “Job Providers” rather than remaining as mere “Job Seekers” and also in contributing their mite to the creation of wealth. She shared with them the inspiring success stories of local women in this field”, she added.

Mr. Tayyab Ali, Senior Associate, Beaufort conducted games on Entrepreneurship and Management Development, as a part of an Inter-University Global Management Challenge, the final of which will be conducted in Russia.

The Emirates Foundation, which is committed to harnessing the power of the youth in the region, provided useful counseling and guidance to the students.

Multidimensional Career Fair:

Since the focus was on bringing the students face-to-face with the multiple facets of career development, a large number of organizations representing such diverse fields as Recruitment, Psychometric Testing, Career Guidance, Education and Training, Management Consultancy, etc. participated in the Career Fair.

A large number of students from the College of Business Studies, College of Engineering and Computing, College of Law, College of Education, and Department of Interior Design participated in the Career Fair.

“The Career Fair was greatly instrumental not only in finding jobs but also in understanding the dynamics of career management in their true and total frame of reference”, said Mr. Fares Fansa, a student of the College of Business Studies.

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Schoolkids have feral fun at animal themed environmental boat race

schoolkids have feral fun at animal themed environmental boat race Schoolkids have feral fun at animal themed environmental boat raceDubai, UAE: Boats strung together with recycled material and designed with an alligator or crocodile’s head, a lion’s mane or covered with a cheetah’s spots bobbed in the canal near Dubai Festival City on Friday.

Parents, teachers and friends yelled instructions and encouragement in Arabic and English to school pupils who paddled furiously in colourful boats cobbled together with tyre tubes, plastic bottles or wood as the vessels capsized, foundered or sped across the canal in the annual Whatever Floats Your Boat event.

“It has been fun and we have learnt a lot because last year our boat flipped but this time we’re ahead of the other teams,” said Saad Kalim, 19, from Dubai Gems Private School.

“Last year we used big bottles and we couldn’t even sit on it properly so this year we changed the design to make it flatter.”

His teammates, Valmik Lakhlani, Yajantha Yappa and Mahmoud Essam, used chunks of styrofoam painted green and joined with chopsticks to form the boat’s basic structure.

In another race, four girls from Deira International School – Chiara Hildebrand, Maxine Denis, Blandine Maillard and Shamim Khedri – deftly steered their boat, which was made with plastic bottles and bound with fish nets, to beat strong opposition from male pupils.

“We really wanted to win because we looked weak and scrawny and they [the other teams] were making fun of us,” said Maxine, 16.

“But we were really excited and put all we had into it. My arms are still shaking.”

The event aimed to promote ecological awareness among the public is in its sixth year. This year the goal is to raise funds to support the Emirates Wildlife Society and the World Wildlife Fund’s species conservation projects.

Participants make boats from recyclable materials, with corporate houses and schools participating in an event that brings together pupils, parents, teachers and businesses.

A team from Emirates International School called in supplies of used tyre tubes after the ones on their boat became unusable when they reached the event site on Friday morning.

“We had to remake the boat again this morning when some tubes popped but we’ve managed fine,” said Ashdeep Seth, 16, about the effort put in by teammates Hozefa Basrai, Denzel Mutoko and Ghassan Lugman.

The team wound nylon ropes around wooden planks on which four tubes were fixed to form the frame of their boat.

“The best thing is that the school builds the boats together, with all students asked to get material,” Ashdeep said.

“So you get an opinion from everyone about the design and shape. And we also get to hang out with friends.”

Team names ranged from Thunder Tigers, Eco Minions and Water Warriors to Alligator Annihilators, Thunder Ducks and Flying Cheetahs.

In keeping with the event’s animal theme, Ali Kahtan, Ahmed Muneer, Mohammed Abdullah and Rashid Abdul Rahman, from the National Charity School, painted their faces yellow with black spots and whiskers.

There was some disappointment when a few of the boats failed to float well but all the schools were prepared to come back next year with improved designs.

“We were excited but the boat was too heavy; it could not go fast,” said Rashid, 17, about the yellow-spotted boat of plastic barrels and wood bound with rope that his National Charity School teammates took about a month to build.

“The students must build it lighter next time.”

This was the first time the Arabic-language school competed in the event.

An all-girls team from the Universal American School asked neighbours, friends and other pupils for empty bottles and finally collected 50 that they strung together with a green wooden plank secured on top.

“Last year we made our own rope made of plastic bags but that fell apart in the water so this year we used rope,” said Tayma Ashour, 14, about her Sea Turtle Express team, which included Norah Alheraiz, Bana Ashour and Ameena Meikal.

“We must make it a little narrower so it’s easier to steer but it was fun to row a boat we made ourselves.”

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Future Kids 2013

December’s classes will take place on Thursday 5th December at 6pm– 9.30pm and on Tuesday 10th December from 10am–1.30pm, and they will be constructed in Tagalog.

The programme costs 500 AED and every attendee will receive a Future Kids Certification, a take-home pack including recipe cards and activity guides, as well as follow-up support.

For further information or to book call: +971 567085658 or email


Sharjah: 222 teachers taught to use Arabic e-learning app

sharjah 222 teachers taught to use arabic e learning app Sharjah: 222 teachers taught to use Arabic e learning appSharjah, UAE: Taking another step forward to promote Arabic through implementing e-learning in schools, Horouf Publishing Group has completed phase one of its workshops after training 222 female teachers in Sharjah to use the application on their tablets.

Horouf, which falls under the Kalimat Publishing Group, founded by Shaikha Budoor Bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Founder and CEO of Kalimat Publishing Group, is a programme that is the first of its kind in the region and integrates modern technology into the Arabic learning experience.

The e-programme aims to provide a valuable tool that will enable educators and students to better use technology in the learning process.

A five-day workshop was held in collaboration with Sharjah Education Council and Sharjah Educational Zone, which included two training sessions for 97 teachers in the Eastern Region of Sharjah and three sessions for 125 teachers in the city of Sharjah.

The workshops guided teachers on ways to use the Horouf application and its features when teaching students from different age groups how to develop their Arabic language skills.

Shaikha Budoor, who inspected the workshops, pointed out the importance of training groups of teachers on how to use the Horouf application in order to link the students with the e-curriculum and help them access and use information electronically.

“We believe that it is essential to enable teachers and involve them in the development of educational programmes as they are in direct contact with students and are aware of their various educational needs,” said Shaikha Budoor.

The Horouf initiative was first launched by His Highness Shaikh Dr Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, last September during a visit to the Kindergarten Development Centre in Khorfakkan.

Under the programme, all students and teachers in Sharjah’s government schools will receive tablets that have been equipped with a specially-designed Arabic language educational package completely free of charge. Developed in collaboration with Kalimat Publishing Group, the package includes new and innovative educational programmes in the Arabic language and training programmes for educators.

This initiative, which will be implemented over the coming five years, aims to make a breakthrough in Arabic language learning and cope with modern technological developments through specially designed programmes. The first phase, which will run in the 2013/2014 school year, will see 5,000 students and 250 teachers in kindergarten receiving tablets.

Supporting several educational programmes, Shaikha Budoor also added that through such initiatives, the UAE’s educational system will develop to meet the requirements of future growth. “We hope this initiative will help build a generation capable of dealing with contemporary technologies and using these technologies positively in scientific skill development and personal capacity building,” added Shaikha Budoor.

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Schools raise awareness of UAE’s rich culture

schools raise awareness of uae s rich culture Schools raise awareness of UAE’s rich cultureAbu Dhabi, UAE: The sound of traditional drumbeats filled the air, while groups of children decked up in their finest clothes walked from stall to stall. On a raised platform, a number of choreographed performances held the attention of visitors.

These colourful celebrations by public and private schools across the emirate of Abu Dhabi were held in the capital on Thursday to mark the UAE’s upcoming 42nd National Day on December 2. Organised by the Abu Dhabi Education Council, it included various traditional activities and performances designed to raise awareness about the UAE’s culture and values.

“This is one of my favourite times of the year because it is so festive. I love dressing up in pretty clothes, applying henna and visiting my family members. And then we have these fun school celebrations,” Shaikha Al Rumaithi, an eight-year-old Emirati pupil at the International School of Choueifat, told Gulf News. She was wearing a gown and jewellery in the colours of the UAE flag.

“Today’s fair has been very enjoyable. I especially like watching the traditional Al Yolah dance (an Emirati dance where men use sticks to re-enact battle scenes and women dance by swinging their long hair), and have even been practicing it myself with my sisters,” she added.

Visitors also had a glimpse of Emirati heritage, which was displayed in seven pavilions across the grounds. Each pavilion was set up by three different schools, and included models of the UAE’s monuments and natural resources.

“As part of a field trip, we recently visited the islands along the Umm Al Quwain coast, which have been designated as sanctuaries for the wildlife on them, such as foxes, birds and rare turtles. It is important that these animals are protected to preserve the legacy of our country for future generations,” said Hamad Al Darmaki, an Emirati seventh grader at the National Union Private School in Al Ain.

“So we have set up a model of some of the islands, and displayed the pictures of our trip to show the richness of these islands to others,” he added.

But it was not just Emirati pupils who participated in the National Day merriment and awareness efforts.

Enas Abdul Atiq, a tenth grade Egyptian pupil at Ashbal Al Quds School, urged attendees to preserve the precious mangrove trees along the UAE’s shoreline.

“These trees are being destroyed by marine pollution, as plastic debris in the water block their aerial roots. So do not throw bottles and trash into the water, and learn more about these wondrous plants,” she said.

Other activities at the fair included henna art, storytelling, quizzes about the UAE, poetry recitals and dances.

Teachers accompanying classes of pupils said that in addition to the festivities on Thursday, other activities are planned across school premises on December 2.

“These initiatives promote children’s awareness of our culture, and create in them a fondness for our values. This is why they are so important,” said Khawlah Al Zaabi, an Emirati public school leader.

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Abu Dhabi University’s Board of Trustees lauds Hamdan Bin Zayed’s efforts to elevate the UAE’s education system

abu dhabi universitys board of trustees lauds hamdan bin zayeds efforts to elevate the uae s education system Abu Dhabi Universitys Board of Trustees lauds Hamdan Bin Zayeds efforts to elevate the UAEs education systemAbu Dhabi, UAE: Abu Dhabi University ‘s Board of Trustees endorsed the names of the seventh graduate batch which includes 649 undergraduate and postgraduate students from various scientific disciplines, as well as the launch of several new programs including the Master of Science in Civil Engineering offered in partnership with the University of Illinois, the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, the Master of Project Management, the Master of Science in Information Technology, an MBA in Finance and the Master of International Relations which is part of the framework of military programs offered by the University in collaboration with the UAE’s General Command of the Armed Forces.

The meeting was chaired by H.E. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, as vice president of the ADU ‘s Board of Trustees. During the meeting, His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan and the Board of Trustees praised the cultural renaissance and development that the UAE is experiencing in various fields, particularly in education, as it tops the agenda of national priorities and is highly supported by the UAE’s wise leadership represented by H.H Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE -May Allah Protect him-, his brother H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President & Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and his brothers Their Highnesses Supreme Council Members and Rulers of the Emirates, H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Education Council.

H.E Sheikh Nahayan stressed the University’s pride that the Board of Trustees meeting coincides with the UAE’s celebrations of its 42nd National Day, especially since Abu Dhabi University represents a prominent national achievement. His Excellency pointed out that the patronage of H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Ruler’s Representative in the Western Region, President of ADU ‘s Board of Trustees of the University’s academic journey since its inception 10 years ago made it one of the outstanding academic institutions in the region and the world, and created a learning environment suitable for creativity in teaching and research, and community service.

H. E Sheikh Nahayan and the Board of Trustees also applauded Abu Dhabi University on reaching such an important milestone marking “10 Years of Excellence”, during which the University has provided a qualitative addition to the process of education in the country and succeeded in supplying the labor market with more than 3720 graduates in various scientific disciplines of bachelors and masters degrees, as well as a DBA program. All these achievements were part of ADU ‘s comprehensive strategy to build a foundation of national cadres specialized in all areas that meet the policy agenda of the Government of Abu Dhabi and its Economic Vision 2030 and propel the country into the era of a knowledge-based economy.

Commenting on the Board of Trustees meeting, Ali Saeed Bin Harmal Al Dhaheri Chairman of Abu Dhabi University ‘s Executive Board explained that many of ADU ‘s successful initiatives during the academic year 2012 -2013 were highlighted throughout the meeting. “Some of these include the University’s strategic partnership with the UAE’s General Command of the Armed Forces resulting in 5 specialized academic military programs. As well as the University’s outstanding achievement of entering the ranks of the world’s top 550 universities in Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world university rankings of 2012 -2013 and being one of only three universities in the UAE to be recognized within this prestigious ranking. Furthermore, the University has been actively pursuing international accreditation with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)”, concluded Bin Harmal.

Abu Dhabi University ‘s Board of Trustees meeting was attended by H.E. Humaid Mohammed Al Qutami, Minister of Education, H.E. Dr. Hadef Bin Juan Al Dhaheri, Minister of Justice, H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Al Humairi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Saeed Eid Al Ghafli, Director of the office of the National Security Advisor, Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, Chairman- Masdar, Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh Cultural Advisor in the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Mohammed S. Al Qubaisi, ADNOC’s HR Director, Khadeem Abdullah Al Draei Al Ain Holding, Dhafer Sahmi Al Ahbabi, Qusai Mohammed Al-Ghussein, Ali Saeed Bin Harmal Al Dhaheri the ADU Chairman of the Executive Board and Prof. Nabil Ibrahim, Chancellor of ADU .

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Sharjah Education Council board of trustees restructured

sharjah education council board of trustees restructured Sharjah Education Council board of trustees restructuredSharjah, UAE: His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, has issued Resolution No 11 of 2013 restructuring the Sharjah Education Council’s board of trustees.

The resolution named Dr Abdullah Saleh Al Suwaiji as Chairman of the Board. Other members include Dr Amr Nabeeh Abdul Hamid, Dr Obaid Ali Obaid Bin Butti Al Muhairi, Dr Salem Zayed Khalifa Al Tunaiji, Dr Mohammad Abdullah Al Beli and Noora Ebrahim Salem Al Merri. The board will have a renewable tenure of three years.

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UAEU stands tall to meet future education challenges

uaeu stands tall to meet future education challenges UAEU stands tall to meet future education challengesAl Ain, UAE: Around 50,000 students have passed through the doors of UAE University (UAEU) since it was set up in 1976.

The flagship institution has always been at the forefront of higher education in the region. It has also served as a leading institution for research and community service and secured numerous achievements, including global rankings. Its facilities have been expanded under a master development plan to offer the best possible environment for students. The university currently has nine faculties.

According to Dr Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Vice-Chancellor of the university, the institution will continue its march to benefit the country. It works with its partners in industry to provide research solutions to challenges faced by the nation, the region, and the world, he said. Its research centres focus on critical areas ranging from water resources to cancer treatment.

“The UAEU has achieved a remarkable track record and is poised to continue its stride to fulfil the educational ambitions of the country’s leadership,” said Dr Al Nuaimi. He said the university had been running the most advanced and internationally accepted educational programmes under the directions of Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Chancellor of the UAEU.

It is one of two universities in the country which is ranked among the top 500 international universities by the renowned global ranking organisation QS. It is also placed among the top 100 Asian universities by THE (The Times Higher Education) and in the top 50 universities which are under 50 years old by QS.

He said the university is on an equal footing with global institutions.

“I am sure that the UAEU is a real partner in the efforts for social development in the country.”

Dr Al Nuaimi said the university had begun making major changes so it was in a position to attain the standards of prominent, world-class universities that would allow UAEU students to excel.

“All our colleges’ goals are to produce students who are well-prepared with critical and innovative thinking, the necessary knowledge, technical skills and in-service training for a competitive labour market,” he added.

Key positions

“UAEU alumni hold key positions in industry, commerce and government throughout the region,” he said.

Some 14,000 students are currently studying at the university, which has a fresh intake of students annually through the National Admissions and Placement Office (Napo) at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Although the academic year begins in September, activities start in mid-August with the welcoming of new students. The university also operates a Student Advising and Counselling Centre (SACC).

According to SACC, the university follows a set of policies based on integration between academic programmes and research activities. The university follows a selection-based admission policy and guides students to the academic programmes that meet their needs and fit their capabilities.

The UAEU has a rich library with an emphasis on electronic collections and services. It has developed and is continuously expanding a gateway system to link with local and remote networks of information resources.

The university was established by Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan through Federal Law No 4 of 1976.

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Student events are ‘the essence of UAE’s celebrations’

student events are the essence of uae s celebrations Student events are ‘the essence of UAE’s celebrations’Dubai: UAE students have completed preparations for their national day activities, which according to a senior minister have become the essence of the celebrations.

The Minister of Education Humaid Mohammad Al Qutami said that the ministry has coordinated with education districts and schools to plan for the performances, parades and other activities that will take place around the country.

“Students are aware of the contributions made by their leaders and so their sense of national identity and pride shine in their national day performances and activities. They have become the essence of these celebrations,” Al Qutami said.

Sharifa Mousa, Director of the Students Activities and Scientific Competitions Department at the ministry, said: “Among the activities organised in coordination with the ministry are the ‘Unified House’ parade and an opera titled Story of Knowledge, Dream and Nation, which will take place at the Sharjah education zone.”

Umm Al Quwain’s education zone will organise a military show and a parade while Ras Al Khaimah will be celebrating with a marathon and is organising a best-looking school bus competition.

The Ajman zone will place plants in the colours of the UAE flag at its headquarters while Fujairah will be organizing a carnival and a play entitled A Nation’s Whisper.

A series of activities will also take place at the ministry’s headquarters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

According to the Minister’s Advisor for School Environment and Activities, Hakam Al Hashemi, a special team has been set up to make sure that all the activities taking place in schools and education districts go smoothly.

He added that the ministry makes sure that the values of national identity and loyalty towards the country are instilled in students all year long through the activities and competitions that are integrated in the curriculum.

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