Cedric Villani, commending Arab contributions to mathematics

cies signs a partnership agreement in abu dhabi1 Cedric Villani, commending Arab contributions to mathematicsAbu Dhabi, UAE: Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi hosted famous mathematician professor Cedric Villani in presence of HE Dr.Mougheer Khamis al Khaili, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Education Council, on the margin of the closing ceremony of the Golden Age of Arab Sciences Exhibition. In his talk, Pr. Villani addressed applied mathematics and the role of Arabs in developing mathematics. He also presented some of his research work in analysis, probabilities, statistics, statistical mechanics, differential geometry, touching on his participation in a chapter of research on optimizing transportation at the Berkley Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI).

Pr. Eric Fouache, Vice Chancellor of Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, underlined that the exhibition succeeded in motivating youth in the UAE to be more innovative and participate in shaping a better future. He reiterated that the UAE is well equipped to reach a leading position in modern sciences and technological innovations, given the long history of innovations recorded in Islamic history, as well as the great renaissance the UAE is witnessing at present.

Pr. Fouache added saying that the large number of visitors who came to the exhibition ’The Golden Age of Arab Sciences’, namely students and the youth, indicated that the exhibition had realized its goal which aimed at highlighting the great advancement of sciences during what was known as the Golden age of Arab sciences. The exhibition showcased the contributions of Arabs and Muslims to science, and presented the various sciences of the Arab and Muslim world as well as and their development. The exhibition also demonstrated the various milestones of Arab sciences and the Arab Islamic Scientific heritage that crystalized at the hands of Muslim scientists during a productive period of human history from the VIII to the XV century.

Pr. Fouache indicated that Paris Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi was keen on hosting Pr. Cedric Villani, mathematician, member of the Academy of Sciences and recipient of the Fields medal (the highest recognition in mathematics, considered to be the equivalent of the Nobel Prize), to demonstrate what Arabs and Muslims have brought to humanity, and how science built on their contributions to reach where it’s at today.

For his part, French mathematician Cedric Villani asserted that mathematics is the language of the universe, a means for reasonable people to understand each other. He said it was everywhere around us, in the most unexpected places. Mathematics justify and explain all that surrounds us. Without mathematics, we are unable to construct a building, design a plane or build an economy.

Villani addressed the role of Arab and Muslim scientists in developing mathematics, pointing to their huge contributions to mathematics bringing it to its current state. Indeed, the IX and X centuries are considered to be the Golden Age for Muslim mathematicians, to whom the world owes a lot, namely for preserving the ancient world scientific heritage and expanding it, in addition to their innovations, which the world was in dire need for at the time. He pointed to the contributions of many Arab and Muslim scientists in developing mathematics, including Abu Hassan al Nissawi and Abu al Haytham in geometry, as well as Al Khawarizmi, the most famous mathematician and astronomer of his age, and others who excelled in analytical geometry, algebra and trigonometry.

Villani demonstrated that in reality mathematics is the main structure of the history of our civilization, both on the philosophical and social levels. The history of mathematics is seen as the corner stone of the entire educational system. No other science acquired such a clear part of perfection. Interesting results were proven 2000 years ago using methods that remain valid until today. Villani pointed out that his work at present focused mainly on partial differential equations and mathematical physics.

It is worthy noting that PSUAD launched at the beginning of the academic year the Physics track in collaboration with Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris. An advanced international program that was developed specifically to prepare students in the multifaceted field of physics; an innovative diploma designed to equip graduates with the main scientific skills and a comprehensive knowledge of various principles of basic and applied physics needed to tackle the challenges of today’s world.

The Bachelors in physics comprises of a preparatory year and 3 years of studies in physics and mathematics delivered in English by the best specialized professors and researchers. The program covers modern themes in physics, mathematics, computer sciences, applied physics, experimental physics, as well as practical applications in technology labs. An overall experience that prepares students to acquire information in a dynamic way and benefit from the state of the art achievements which allows them later to join a Masters program in physics or engineering sciences.

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AED3 Million Research & Development Facility to be set up at Manipal University

aed3 million research development facility to be set up at manipal university AED3 Million Research & Development Facility to be set up at Manipal UniversityDuabi, UAE: The Faizal and Shabana Foundation, part of KEF Holdings, today signed an MoU agreement with Manipal University to invest AED3 million towards a research and development facility for precast concrete technology at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), India. The agreement will also introduce a precast design and engineering course to the University’s curriculum.

"This is a first for any institute of higher learning in India and has the potential to transform engineering education in the country," said Faizal Kottikollon, Chairman of KEF Holdings and Faizal & Shabana Foundation. "We are pleased to be part of this exciting venture. This new research and development center will no doubt benefit many students and faculty members. Precast concrete technology is rapidly expanding in India due to its sustainability, affordability and time saving measures. We therefore believe that this course will be a huge success at the University."

KEF Holdings recently entered a partnership with Finland-based Elematic, a leading provider for precast technology and machinery to set up manufacturing plants in India-and later UAE- involving investments totaling AED 200 million. The Foundation aims to further precast technology by introducing it to students to advance the field and create employment opportunities for them.

"We are committed to seeing the advancement of this very successful industry and we believe that it has the potential to transform engineering education," said Dr. Ramdas M. Pai, Chancellor of Manipal University. "We look forward to seeing the career possibilities and opportunities that will arise from this."

The research and development center will be set up by the Foundation and expertise will be given to the University via a collaboration with Finland’s Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

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CIES signs a partnership agreement in Abu Dhabi

cies signs a partnership agreement in abu dhabi CIES signs a partnership agreement in Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi, UAE: The International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) signed a partnership agreement with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) and Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi on 30 January. The objective of the partnership is, in particular, to organise the FIFA/CIES Programme in sport management in the United Arab Emirates.

After fruitful discussions, Paris Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi , ADSC and CIES signed a partnership agreement with a view to organising the FIFA/CIES Programme in sport management. The Programme will allow students from the United Arab Emirates and the surrounding region (in particular Gulf Cooperation Council countries) to acquire fundamental tools in the field of sport management (law, management, communication, sport event management, marketing, sponsorship and finance). The Programme will also offer participants the opportunity to attend conferences given by international experts on various aspects of sport today.

"Over more than a decade, we have observed the emergence of new geographical regions where sport is successfully developed and rolled out. CIES could not ignore this progress and we are very pleased today to be able to implement this important project in Abu Dhabi with two partners who are both prestigious and motivated", explained CIES President Bertrand Reeb during the press conference.

For his part, Professor Eric Fouache, Vice-Chancellor of Paris Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi, the academic partner, commented: "This Programme in sport management will lend new dynamics to the higher education curriculum; in particular, it will help participating students achieve goals through the five main management functions (planning, organising, staffing, leading and controlling."

Furthermore, Pr. Fouache explained that those who join the Programme will benefit from top-level education and training in sport management. He added that CIES and the Abu Dhabi Sports Council chose Sorbonne Abu Dhabi to host this programme, which is a clear indication of the University’s global position and the trust its partners have placed in it. This establishes its positioning as a leading university. He explained that Sorbonne Abu Dhabi will be providing students with a high-level academic programme including practical case studies. The Programme will also feature a number of guests who will come to share their experience and a number of field visits in an international learning environment. The Programme is a unique opportunity to meet top-level executive officials from international federations, clubs, agencies and organising committees. Students will therefore have the chance to network and develop their contacts, which are key levers for a successful career in sport.

In conclusion, H.E. Mohamed E. Al Mahmood, Secretary General of the ADSC and project initiator, made the following remarks: "We are very proud and honoured to partner with CIES and PSUAD. In accordance with ADSC objectives, we contribute to developing the sports sector in our country in compliance with the highest international standards. We join forces with such esteemed organisations for the purpose of creating, primarily for current and future potential managers of the sports world, a high-level programme in sport management in the UAE which will combine the expertise, experience, image and support of prestigious individuals from the academic and sport world. This agreement is aimed mainly at managers in national governing bodies, clubs, associations, agencies and industries related to the world of sport in the UAE."

Paris Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi is the fifteenth university to join the FIFA/CIES International University Network which already has academic partners in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Peru, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey and Venezuela.

The first edition of the Programme organised by PSUAD will start in September 2014.

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Schools in Dubai to grow by 70% in less than a decade – KHDA

schools in dubai to grow by 70 in less than a decade khda Schools in Dubai to grow by 70% in less than a decade - KHDADubai, UAE: The growing demand for education in Dubai will increase the number of schools by 70 per cent in less than a decade, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has predicted.

Speaking at Destination Dubai 2020 conference on Tuesday, Kalthoom Al Beloushi, director of institutional development at KHDA, said that based on the education sector’s historical growth over the last 10 years, 110 new schools are expected to enter the market in the next seven years to accommodate 130,000 students.

KHDA is a regulatory authority that is responsible for the growth, direction and quality of private education and learning in Dubai. It supports the improvement of schools, universities, training institutes and other human resource sectors.

Al Beloushi said the entry of new schools is expected to slow down the growth of tuition fees in Dubai. A number of expatriates, which make up the majority of the population, send their children to private schools in the country and are finding that the high education cost is eating up a major portion of the household budget. A research by HSBC showed that the UAE is the fourth most expensive country for foreigners to study and live in.

More options

"The entry of new schools will somehow slow down the increases or shake up the market, because that would mean there will be more options for people to choose from," Al Beloushi said.

The new schools will mainly be operated for profit, although the KHDA is also encouraging the entry of non-profit educational institutions. Dubai is home to 153 private schools offering programmes to 225,000 students across 15 different curricula. Private schools cater to the majority of Dubai’s population, about 88 per cent.

Al Beloushi said there is a rising investor interest to tap Dubai’s fast-growing market for education. "We see investors on a daily basis. A lot of people are interested in opening early learning centres as well as higher education and training institutes. There is a high demand for education. Dubai as a destination is a nice place to be in. It’s safe and you have everything around you," he added.

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The 2nd phase of the mGovernment training and education program kicks off in Abu Dhabi

the 2nd phase of the mgovernment training and education program kicks off in abu dhabi The 2nd phase of the mGovernment training and education program kicks off in Abu DhabiDubai, UAE: After a two week training course in Ras Al Khaimah, the second session of the mGovernment training and education program kicks off on Sunday, Feb 2nd through a training course targeting IT managers and attended by managers of departments concerned with Information technology, application and systems development and cyber security at the Ministry of Interior.

The training course will be held at the Hilton Capital Grand Hotel, Abu Dhabi on February 2-5, 2014. Twenty trainees representing the Ministry will be attending theoretical and practical presentations on the role of the service manager, setting plans and strategies related to smart applications and defining priorities of the shift towards smart government, The course will also focus on the evaluation mechanisms of suppliers and partners from the private sector and building a strong team for implementing the entity’s policy in transforming towards a smart government.

In this context, Eng. Majed Al Mazloum, Smart Government Training and Education Project Manager at the TRA said: “The four day training program targets senior staff and IT departments supervisors in government entities and represents a vital element of our strategy aimed at enhancing competencies and supervisory skills of national cadres in charge of leading the transition process towards a smart government in every government institution. We are glad to witness a remarkable interaction by attendees of the training sessions run by a number of key industry experts.”

“We aspire to build bridges of cooperation with various government entities to boost the development of highly qualified national cadres armed with knowledge and creativity in order to delight customers and satisfy their needs. This program targets more than 2,000 government officials, university students and others. And currently, we are building platforms to develop remote learning systems so that we can reach a greater number of interested people inside and outside the country,” he added.

The TRA has concluded last week the first training sessions for government entities cadres held in Ras Al Khaimah with the attendance of 16 employees, representing the emirate’s e-Government Authority, the Department of Finance, the Department of Economic Development, the Public Prosecution, the Department of Antiquities and Museums, the municipality, the land and property department, and the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Ras Al Khaimah.

Being the entity entitled to organize the ICT sector in the UAE, the main objective of all TRA’s efforts in this project is to achieve a successful transition towards a smart government, as the TRA is responsible for managing and organizing the work of all government entities related to the mGovernment initiative in close cooperation with the Office of the Presidency of the affairs of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs.

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Pressure to become “doctor or engineer” misguided, students say

pressure to become doctor or engineer misguided students say Pressure to become "doctor or engineer" misguided, students saySharjah, UAE: Between family pressures and lack of career counselling in schools, students are stuck in the middle wondering what career path to take.

These concerns were raised by universities and students yesterday at the inauguration of the International Education Show, which aims to provide a platform for universities and students to discuss possible career paths.

"Either you become a doctor or an engineer, that is the Arab parent mentality," said Ahmad Mohy Al Deen, Director of Marketing at the American University in the Emirates.

Al Deen, who was answering students’ questions about his university’s offerings all day, said he noticed that most of the students were uncertain about what majors to study.

"Lack of career counselling is a problem in all Arab countries. The only direction they are given is that you should become a doctor or an engineer. Awareness should be raised that the market has changed and more fulfilling and lucrative careers have emerged."

Jordanian Batool Suwaidi, who is in grade 11, dreams of becoming a fashion designer but she said her parents are pressuring her to become a dentist believing that it is a wiser and safer career path. "It all depends on my IB grades and to be honest I hope that they don’t qualify me for medicine because I don’t know how to convince then with my decision otherwise."

Batool said if her parents insist she will study dentistry and pursue fashion design as a hobby.

Hind Al Hussain, a 17-year-old Emirati student in grade 12, said her father has been encouraging her to become a doctor from a young age.

"At the beginning my dad wanted me to become a doctor but now I want to as well. I guess you can say that he put the idea in my head."

Hind said she did not research about any other major and she was attending the exhibition to look for an appropriate medical school.

Pointing at the large number of students at his medical university’s stand, Atiq Rahman, Senior Managing Director at the RAK Medical and Health Science University, said demand for medicine-related majors has always been high.

"There is big demand for medicine. I believe in the past it used to be the parents’ wish for students to become doctors but with the advancement in technology, students have become powerful and capable of making their own decisions through online research."

Family pressures are not only restricted to what major a student should take up. They can also be cultural as Emirati Amal Al Rumaithi’s case proved. She told Gulf News she wanted to become a mechanical engineer but because the uniform she has to wear is tight, her mother did not allow her to pursue her dream.

"She told me that wearing the uniform and going to mechanical shops for training was inappropriate for an Emirati girl. So I have to look for another major. I don’t have anything else in mind, so I am here to look at what universities are offering."

Associate professor of Humanities at Skyline University College Anthony David Miller stressed the importance of career counselling, adding that he has also noticed most students were uncertain about their career paths.

"I did most of the asking to try to figure out where their interests lie because most of them did not know what they want. Career counselling is needed. If they do not know what they want a good counsellor would help them figure it out."

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Parents play critical role in Emirati women’s career choices, UAE study shows

parents play critical role in emirati womens career choices uae study shows Parents play critical role in Emirati women’s career choices, UAE study showsDubai, UAE: Parental attitudes can help to break down the cultural barriers that can keep Emirati women out of certain careers, research shows.

A study polled 335 female citizens between the ages of 15 and 24 from across the country.

The research team was led by Dr Emilie Rutledge, associate professor of economics at UAE University, who presented their findings to academics at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) on Tuesday.

"Parental influence has a significant role on a given female’s likelihood of seeking to enter the labour market post-graduation," she said. "Parental support reduces what women perceive as cultural barriers to employment."

Sixty-eight per cent of the women said their parents influenced their decisions about careers, and 80 per cent said they preferred to work in the public sector.

Forty-six per cent said they felt it was the Government’s responsibility to find them work in the public sector.

Working in education, the civil service and police were deemed the most culturally "acceptable" careers for an Emirati woman, although areas such as advertising, marketing and pharmaceuticals were deemed more "attractive".

"However, if parents are engaged in the vocational decision-making process, the female is more likely to consider exploring opportunities in the private sector," Dr Rutledge said.

For Emiratisation to be successful, there must be more emphasis on these other fields rather than banking, human resources and finance, which the women did not consider interesting or attractive, Dr Rutledge said.

"Being in a gender-segregated environment was not as important to the girls as the salary or the job being interesting was, even if society or parents as a whole object to this," she said.

Dr Rutledge cited holiday time and maternity leave as important, both of which were more attractive in the public than private sectors.

Ensuring the women return to the workplace through flexible working times and better maternity benefits was vital.

"A lot of females leave the workplace when they have a family because of the poor provisions, so they simply don’t go back and in turn, they lose their skills," she said.

A father’s level of education was key in determining how his daughters would be guided. Fathers with degrees are more likely to support and encourage women to seek employment.

"Private-sector career paths are more attractive if the parent already works in the private sector," Dr Rutledge said.

"This is of importance as there is merit to incentivising more Emirati males into higher education for the long-term participation of Emirati women in the labour market."

Women graduate at a 3 to 1 ratio from UAE federal universities.

Dr Maryam Salem Al Marashad has been a long-standing academic at UAE University since she graduated with the first batch of students in 1977.

She left her post as dean of students two years ago but is still active in academia. She said a husband’s influence could not be underestimated.

"We see many girls at UAEU get married in their third year, so by the time they are going to the labour market, it is not only the family but their husband – she is stuck with an answer from her husband that she can or cannot work here or there."

Geography will also sway a woman’s choices, she said.

"In Fujairah when I go to my bank, the whole first row is full of Emirati women who are supporting their families and are interested to work," she said. "In Abu Dhabi or Dubai where there are many more opportunities, they can afford to be more picky."

MBRSG’s head of gender and public policy, Ghalia Gargani, said more research was needed for the long-term participation of Emirati women in the job market.

Only 9 per cent of the labour force is Emirati, a fifth of them women.

"We need to think of ways to have policies for both men and women to balance their work and life and the responsibilities that come with their culture here," she said. "It’s very relevant to research we’re doing here on the family unit."

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Regional Education 2020 forum debuts in Abu Dhabi today

regional education 2020 forum debuts in abu Dhabi today Regional Education 2020 forum debuts in Abu Dhabi todayThe Education 2020 Conference & Exhibition, a holistic education showcase event catering to growing education and training sector needs in the Middle East, makes its debut today (Wednesday, January 29, 2014) at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in the UAE capital. Running until January 31st 2014, the much-anticipated event offers an ideal business-to-business platform for education leaders and academic professionals, suppliers, vendors, and solution providers, to bring a positive change in the educational landscape of the region.

The Education 2020 Conference will be held in conjunction to the exhibition and it will address regionally-based teachers and academic leaders on a diverse range of topics, including the Reformation of Education, the Development of 21st Century Skills for the Delivery of Education, Multimedia and Mobile Learning, the Effective Use of Technology in Classrooms, Content and Language Integrated Learning and other issues pertaining to today’s learning environment. Supported by TESOL Arabia, the Conference will provide hands-on experience to the teaching community to equip them with techniques to educate future generations.

Education 2020 will also host a dedicated section on "Industry-Ready Education" under the banner Technical, Occupational and Further Education (TOFE) for students who are looking for affordable and certified study options. This segment will highlight the importance of occupational education in developing talent and enhancing expertise at the workplace.

Anselm Godinho, Managing Director, International Conferences and Exhibitions (IC&E), said: "The UAE is poised to develop a state-of-the-art educational infrastructure to professionally equip and groom its youth for the dynamic job market of the country. The growing economic prosperity of the UAE along with the upcoming World Expo 2020 will create abundant job opportunities in the next decade. This will require a workforce that is appropriately qualified to take up the challenges of new jobs and vocations. Education 2020 and TOFE will showcase Education in the New Age and spotlight educational programs and courses for students as well as technology-driven means of delivering education for education providers, all in all promoting the dynamic education landscape of the UAE."

Education 2020 is expected to attract visitors from across the Middle East who will visit the show to examine products, discuss issues critical to education delivery and network with the region’s education fraternity. For more information, please log on to http://bit.ly/1e6VVTY and http://bit.ly/1fw9sBt.

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Al Tamimi Stables hosts a special Family Fun Day on 7 February 2014

al tamimi stables hosts a special family fun day on 7 february 2014  Al Tamimi Stables hosts a special Family Fun Day on 7 February 2014Dubai, UAE: Al Tamimi Stables is set to host a Family Fun Day on Friday, 7 February from 9am to 6pm. The day coincides with the first anniversary of Al Tamimi Stables and welcomes the addition of the much-anticipated Horse Riding School.The Family Fun Day is packed with an array of exciting activities, animal interaction, competitions and great food.

The event has a strong focus on Al Tamimi Stables’ educational facilities and unique Heroes Programme that fuses the school curriculum with active, outdoor and experimental learning.

On Family Fun Day, guests can view over 500 domestic and exotic animals and birds with nature trails across the lush farmlands of Al Tamimi Stables spanning 30 acres. From touching and feeding small animals such as rabbits and hamsters to grooming horses, visitors can gain complete hands-on experience in animal care. Families can enjoy pony rides, bouncy castles, magic shows, face painting, musical performances, equestrian shows, eco-friendly arts and crafts workshops and pot planting. In addition, visitors can participate in workshops such as drama, cooking, Belly Dancing and American Freestyle Dancing.

There will also be raffle draws with exciting prizes up for grabs. Families can relish delectable bites from the BBQ and choose from mouth-watering dishes along with scrummy beverages and sweet treats served by the Al Tamimi Stables cafe.

Tickets for the Family Fun Day are priced at AED 85 for adults and AED 45 for kids over the age of three with family passes available for two adults and three kids at AED 250. Adult tickets are inclusive of tokens worth AED 20, to be redeemed at the venue. Free entry for children under the age of three.

For more information or to buy a ticket for Family Fun Day call 06 743 1122 or 050 554 9915 or send an e-mail to familyfunday@tamimistables.com.

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JWT and the AUD, Partner for Integrated Marketing Communications Course

jwt and the aud partner for integrated marketing communications course JWT and the AUD, Partner for Integrated Marketing Communications CourseDubai, UAE: Following successful partnerships with a number of European and American MBA and academic programs, JWT Dubai announced its partnership with the American University in Dubai (AUD), for the university’s Integrated Marketing Communications Development course covering the full second semester of the 2013-2014 academic year.

By assigning the agency’s Managing Director, Michiel Hofstee, as the guest lecturer, the university is bringing a hands-on agency experience to the lecture hall. The course will focus on integrated marketing communications campaign development, and introduce the students to the fundamental creative and strategic elements of every successful communications strategy in today’s multi-channeled and highly connected world.

AUD President, Dr Lance de Masi, welcomed the new collaboration stating, "Over the years, universities and communications companies have become more adept at substantive collaboration. I mean collaboration that really makes a difference. Both sides have a lot to gain in such hook-ups because agencies are masters of technique and craft and universities uphold science and have a keen sense of the future. This thinking is behind my having invited JWT to partner with me this semester in the design and delivery of my IMC Campaign Development course."

Commenting on the initiative, Hofstee added, "Education is one of the two CSR pillars at JWT Dubai and we are very proud to partner today with AUD on their Integrated Marketing Communication Development course. It is a topic that is close to our hearts. In today’s environment where technological innovation is happening at lightning speed, we the agency, need international imagination to connect an impactful brand idea with the target audience through a growing variety of channels."

Hofstee noted that "in addition to the theory" he will be "working with Nestle to brief the students on a live case which they will be tackling during the semester."

"At AUD, when we teach IMC, we very much stick to the tenets of those who founded and named IMC. Often, that means that our teaching is well ahead of the times. Joining forces with JWT, a strategic planning and creative powerhouse, provides our students with a snapshot of where the past and the future meet in the present and exposes them to the vocabulary, templates, methods and attitudes of some of the industry’s most emblematic practitioners. The result can only be better prepared entry level candidates, ready to hit the ground running, equipped to make a difference," concludes de Masi.

The Integrated Marketing Communication Development course kicked off with a highly acclaimed session on 15 January 2014, and will continue till the end of the current semester

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