UAE lecturer exploring links between Arabic and English

uae lecturer exploring links between arabic and english UAE lecturer exploring links between Arabic and EnglishSharjah, UAE: Growing up in the UAE’s multicultural and multilingual society, Salem Al Qassimi would often hear and read English as much as he did his native Arabic.

The 30-year-old Emirati was always fascinated with the common, everyday links that have evolved between the two languages and the effect this has on his bilingual generation.

During his studies at Rhode Island School of Design in 2009 he compiled a book exploring the online language Arabish, a form of text script that uses Latin letters and numbers to communicate.

Originally used in internet relay chat rooms in the 1990s when it was not possible to write in Arabic script, Arabish was devised by people wishing to converse in Arabic, who had to spell out words using English and French phonetics, and substitute numbers where no alternative character was available.

“One of the things I wanted to investigate during my studies was bilingual typographies and writing systems and how they work together,” Mr Al Qassimi said. “But eventually it evolved into questioning why the Emirati culture is becoming the way it is and who I am as an Emirati.”

Mr Al Qassimi, who was born and raised in Sharjah and founded the design studio Fikra – or “Idea” in English – in 2006, is no stranger to Arabish.

“I use it a lot, it is perfect for communicating quickly for text messages and everyone is very used to it now. Now it is becoming mainstream – that is how we text.”

He has created logos and adverts for dozens of local clients that incorporate Arabic and English words – a fitting metaphor for a society that uses English as the language of business, and Arabic as the official spoken language.

“A lot of the younger generation are more comfortable typing in English than they are in Arabic. And a lot of the mobile devices are released in English first then in Arabic later. But I think that in general there is a hybrid culture in the UAE and I am very interested in investigating why that is through the lens of graphic design – trying to investigate design-specific topics like typography and the potential of having hybrid script.”

He said he has faced a lot of criticism from the older generation who believe he is losing touch with his heritage – but Mr Al Qassimi said this is far from the case.

“There are a lot of different influences in the UAE and we need to be open to that. I look at culture but I think that the culture is very adaptable and change is inevitable. I think it is for the better. If it doesn’t change then I think there is a problem there. But I think the values should be Islamic and those are the things we need to value. That is what is important, we keep the religious values.”

Mr Al Qassimi also lectures at the American University of Sharjah, where he was once a student, passing on his individual take on the evolving design culture in the UAE.

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HEC and Thales Uni – Tie Up Offer Rare Leadership Training

hec and thales Uni tie up offer rare leadership training HEC and Thales Uni   Tie Up Offer Rare Leadership TrainingDubai, UAE: HEC Paris, ranked number 1 by the Financial Times in 2014 for Executive Education, recently joined hands with Thales Université and provided 20 HEC Paris EMBA and Specialized Master in Strategic Business Unit Management participants from Qatar with a unique training exercise on leadership and teamwork.

Known as Simlead, the Thales Leadership Simulator is an innovative training environment developed on the basis of the Thales helicopter flight simulator. By taking control of four helicopters, the objective of the simulation is to save victims of natural disasters such as heavy flooding by defining roles within every helicopter team, coordinating between two helicopters of the same team, defining an appropriate strategy for every team and communicating with the command center. The training exercise created memorable moments for Qatar-based participants during their visit to Paris for their graduation ceremony.

“We are extremely delighted to have partnered with Thales Université to provide our EMBA and Executive Master participants, while at HEC Paris, with such an amazing innovative leadership tool and an excellent teambuilding exercise,” said Professor Laoucine Kerbache, Chief Executive Officer and Academic Dean of HEC Paris in Qatar. “I am sure, while in control of simulated helicopters, the various subgroups have polished their skills in strategy, stress management, communication, as well as crisis and complexity management.”

“Therefore, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to Thales Université and we look forward to conducting, with them, additional leadership training exercises in the future,” he added.

The training exercise, which was divided into a morning and afternoon session, was conducted on 13 June 2014 at the Thales Université located at its Jouy en Josas facility in France.

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Saudi higher education programs in Arab states discontinued

saudi higher education programs in arab states discontinued Saudi higher education programs in Arab states discontinuedJeddah, Saudi Arabia: The Ministry of Higher Education will halt higher education programs across Arab universities starting from next year.

The ministry stressed in a circular that was sent to cultural attachés in these countries to implement the decision within the deadline following the approval of Higher Education Minister Khaled Al-Anqari.

Mohammad Al-Hizan, ministry spokesman, said the decision was taken after evaluating these programs, which they found to be available in abundance at local universities.

“The decision will be implemented at foreign universities that are not included in the King Abdullah Scholarship Program,” he said.

“The ministry will not attest certificates of students in these countries following the implementation of the decision.”

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Synergy University Dubai joins SAP University Alliances Program

university dubai joins sap university alliances program Synergy University Dubai joins SAP University Alliances ProgramSynergy University Dubai announced it has joined SAP’s global University Alliances Program (UAP). In the bid to find strong business partners for the up-coming Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology Program, the University has strategically aligned its interests with SAP’s UAP program.

As a global initiative with more than 1,400 member institutions in over 80 countries, the SAP (UAP) program aims at shaping the future of higher education as it promotes a practical and future-oriented education by providing access to the latest SAP technologies to over 8,000 lecturers and more than 1.4 million students worldwide. The program supports universities and vocational schools to actively integrate SAP software into their teaching.

“Welcoming Synergy University Dubai into our University Alliances Program demonstrates our commitment to developing talented youth in Dubai, which has become a global hub for talent. By partnering with Synergy University Dubai, we will leverage technology to drive educational innovation, identify emerging leaders, and make a positive impact on the region’s job market for years to come” said Marita Mitschein – SVP, Managing Director – SAP Training & Development Institute.
By joining the University Alliances Program, Synergy University’s students will be given exclusive access to SAP’s business solutions to use in the classroom, experience first-hand how organizations operate, and how integrated systems can make them more efficient, productive, and profitable. Through the partnership, students will also gain access to the SAP Business Suite family of solutions, including SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The comprehensive business software suite supports business, engineering and information technology programs, and enables students to put classroom theory into practice through demonstrations, problem solving exercises, case studies, and research programs.

Having not only a very strong IT faculty, but also being the largest and most innovative University in Russia with a premier focus on business, which is especially evident through the flagship MBA programs: MBA Women’s Leadership and Executive MBA Leadership & Strategy, both undergraduate and postgraduate students at Dubai Campus will benefit immensely from this partnership though learning experiences and enriched job opportunities after graduation.

Synergy University Dubai Campus is located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers and is governed through Dubai Multi Commodities Center Authority (DMCC). Furthermore, it is licensed by Dubai Government’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and internationally recognized through various accreditations, most notable of them being the Association of MBAs (AMBA) from the UK.

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Experts Say Tablets & Notebooks Shouldn’t Be Used As Pacifiers

experts say tablets notebooks shouldn t be used as pacifiers Experts Say Tablets & Notebooks Shouldn’t Be Used As PacifiersA clinical professor at Yale Child Study Centre has advised parents against the use of devices such as tablets and notebooks to calm young children down.

In response to a question from a participant at the Parenting workshop entitled ‘I Can’t Get My Child to Behave! Best Practices for Setting Limits with Young Children,’ Dr. Michael Kaplan explained that early interaction of parents with children, and not devices, is the most important way of directly affecting your child’s behaviour and brain development. Therefore, parents should not rely and use electronic devices for this purpose.

“Human interactions during the first few years of a child are crucial,” Dr. Kaplan said. “Overly depending on such devices creates a false sense of satisfaction and wrong impression on the child whenever there is something that troubles them. Such devices do not really address the emotional and intellectual development of the child, but simply provide a temporary form of distraction over the real cause of their stress.”

In emphasizing the value of human intervention and interaction in early childhood development, Dr. Kaplan noted that such is not limited only to a child’s parents.

“Parents are not the only ones that contribute to this interaction while raising a child,” Dr. Kaplan explained. “It also includes extended families, relatives, nannies and caregivers.”

In cases where a child has already developed a preference to spend time with an electronic device over interacting with parents, Dr. Kaplan endorsed the importance of setting limits.

“By setting limits for children, parents, relative and other individuals can improve their relationship with their children and positively influence a child’s development. However, we need to make sure our interaction with our children is calm, predictable, consistent and firm in order to be effective,” D. Kaplan further explained.

The workshop encouraged parents to set limits for children as it helps them to establish and create boundaries, build a sense of independence, shape their identity and help them develop control as well as communicate values.

In collaboration with Yale University, Salama bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation successfully held the last workshop for the first season of the Parenting workshop series, as a part of its Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme.

“The workshop series supported and empowered parents of young children with the understanding and importance of early learning, especially from ages 0-3 years,” said Sheikha Shamsa bint Mohammed Al Nahyan, leader and patron of the Foundation’s Early Childhood Development programme. “Just like a building with a solid foundation, in children the first few years are crucial for setting a strong foundation to ensure later learning, wellbeing, and happiness.”

Hessa Saif is an Emirati National and mother of 5 children who is a regular attendee of the parenting workshops reiterated this point: “There is a misconception that educational learning for young children only starts when they begin going to pre-school institutions. However, that is not the case as the child is always learning and there should be no such gap. The child is always learning from their first and most important teacher- the parents.”

“We as parents are a big asset to the child’s development and ultimately our children are a reflection of us,” said Khawla Saleh, an Emirati National and workshop attendee.

“The workshops have served as a credible source for my husband and I to better understand our son’s development as well as reaffirm our parenting beliefs.”

The Parenting Workshop series held from 6 January 2014 till 6 May 2014, has covered topics such as ‘Nurturing Our Children: How Parents Support their Child’s Development’, ‘Creating Emotionally Intelligent Homes’, ‘Fathers as Partners in Raising Young Children’, and ‘Creating a Healthy Environment: Strategies for Promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity in Young Children.

Dr. Kaplan’s workshop was held at Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island Cultural District in Abu Dhabi on 5 May 2014 and at the Al Ain Rotana Hotel on 6 May 2014. Both workshops, which started at 5 pm, were free-of-charge and open to the public.

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Masdar and ADNOC Top List of Ideal Employers for UAE National Graduates

masdar and adnoc top list of ideal employers for uae national graduates Masdar and ADNOC Top List of Ideal Employers for UAE National GraduatesUAE nationals would most like to start a career with Masdar or ADNOC, a new report announced at Hult International Business School has revealed.
Universum, an employer branding consulting firm, surveyed 8,000 students across the UAE and KSA to look at their hopes once they enter the job market. And when it came to UAE nationals, it was Masdar and ADNOC who were the top two preferred places to start a career.
The survey findings were announced on Tuesday at the annual Universum event at Hult International Business School in Dubai. It was also revealed that professional training and development, a creative and dynamic work environment and employee respect are the top three attributes desired by UAE nationals seeking employment.
The event, named the annual employer branding seminar and Universum awards now in its second year, is designed to focus on what employers can do to attract, recruit and retain emerging graduate talent. It also featured a first-hand best practice case study from Etihad Airways’ VP Learning and Development, Wissam Hachem, as well an interactive panel discussion lead by some of the UAE’s biggest employers including Emirates, EY, Du and LinkedIn.
Looking at the interviews overall, 85 per cent of the students surveyed believe that their work should be based on ambition rather than money.
One respondent said: “Status is no longer about a sky-rocketing career and getting rich. Instead it’s about following your dreams, personal development and working with new, and exciting things. It’s about self-realization through education and career choice, while at the same time helping others.”
Huseyn Charif, who is Executive Director of Corporate Relations at Hult International Business School said: “While the talent pool of graduating students in the UAE is large, we mustn’t forget that employers need to recognize that they are fighting to attract this talent, not only here in the UAE, but globally.
“This event was a fantastic opportunity for some of the UAE’s biggest employers to get together and discuss the results, as well as sharing their own best practice on how they work to attract the attention of this emerging talent.”
Claudia Tattanelli, Global Director, Universum, added: “The recruitment landscape in the UAE is a very challenging one, made up of different groups that organisations need to address, so localising key messages towards the target audience is vital.
“We found the ideal work and life balance is the number one career goal across the board. Our respondents don’t want to compromise, and are more focused on personal development, career satisfaction and embracing new and exciting opportunities, rather than status as may have been the case before.”
The Universum survey saw over 8,000 students across 30 educational establishments throughout the UAE and Saudi Arabia audited on career and employer expectations, over a six month period between February and June 2014.

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MOE opens doors for its employees to complete their postgraduate studies at the UOD

moe opens doors for its employees to complete their postgraduate studies at the uod MOE opens doors for its employees to complete their postgraduate studies at the UODThe Ministry of Education has signed a partnership agreement with the University of Dubai to grant the ministry’s employees a 20 per cent discount on tuition if they take up programs, including postgraduate studies, at the academic institution.

The MoU was signed by H.E. Marwan Al Sawalih, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, and H.E. Dr Issa Al-Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai , at the ministry’s office yesterday morning (Tuesday, June 24, 2014(. The agreement is part of the ministry’s policy to form strategic partnerships with relevant institutions.

Under the terms of agreement, the University of Dubai will provide the ministry a range of educational services in the areas of undergraduate and postgraduate, professional training and academic development, as well as software packages related to technical and operational projects. The university will also provide research and consultations with regard to conferences, forums, and workshops in which both ministry and university officials can participate in.

The MoU came at a time when the ministry is preparing for the school holidays, giving the employees more time to complete their postgraduate studies either in the country or overseas. The ministry’s partnerships with prestigious universities such as the University of Dubai will further encourage its staff to pursue higher studies given the discounted tuition.

H.E. Al Sawalih said employees may choose from several relevant programs and disciplines available in the university based on their interest and current job requirements. He highly praised the University of Dubai for its significant contributions to the education sector, specifically for honing the knowledge and skills of the UAE residents.

For his part, Dr. Al-Bastaki lauded the Ministry of Education for its efforts to continuously raise the bar in the education sector and further enhance the quality of the services in the industry. He said the MoU between the ministry and the university is the first step towards a more fruitful cooperation in the future.

Dr. Al-Bastaki said the ministry’s employees could choose from the university’s several world-class programs and utilize the school’s state-of-the-art facilities to aid in their studies. The MoU signing was attended by a number of officials from the ministry and the university.

© Press Release 2014

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Shoura thumbs down to higher education system

shoura thumbs down to higher education system Shoura thumbs down to higher education systemJeddah, Saudi Arabia: Two Shoura Council members have criticized the Kingdom’s higher education system, saying it requires a major overhaul to meet the country’s development requirements.

They also called for bringing technical and vocational training institutes under the Ministry of Higher Education to make them more effective. "Our educational institutions are weak and unsystematic," said Sultan Al-Sultan, a member of the consultative body, during a session on Tuesday.

He said the Technical and Vocation Training Corporation has proved its failure to bring foreign companies to review the quality of its programs. He said the Higher Education Council was not doing enough to improve the country’s educational level.

Nasser bin Dawood, another member, accused private providers of vocational and technical training services as "sellers of illusion." He said fake degree holders should not be allowed to conduct training courses.

About 100,000 trainees graduate from private institutes, paying SR100 million.

Khaled Al-Saud, chairman of the education committee, said the Shoura Council does not agree with Al-Sultan’s comments criticizing the Higher Education Council, adding that the HEC has taken steps to tackle the issue of fake certificates.

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Top 10 summer camps in Abu Dhabi

top 10 summer camps in abu dhabi Top 10 summer camps in Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi, UAE: As the summer vacation begins, staycationers with children need not worry. Here are options galore to keep them engaged and also to enrich them with new skills and crafts. Take your pick.

1 UC Dino Art

What: Painting, colouring, drawing, sketching, clay modelling and craft related activities.

Where: 15 centres across UAE, flexible timing

When: July 1–August 21, 4-6pm

Ages: 5-16 years

How much: Registration – Dh150, Level 1 – Dh900 including art material

Call: 02-676 3033

2 Noah’s Ark Nursery

What: Music, dance, aerobics, swimming, colouring, painting, sketching and indoor activities.

Where: Najda Street behind Adnoc petrol pump, Mussafah – Mohammad Bin Zayed City, Khalifa City A

When: June 29–August 21; 9am-1pm

Age Group: 2-4 years

How much: Dh750

Call: 02-635 1035


What: Modern jazz, ballet, hip hop, Irish dance

Where: Abu Dhabi and Dubai

When: June 28–July 31, 9am-1pm

Ages: 3-16 years

How much: Dh60 for 30 minutes, Dh70 for 45 minutes, four classes – get one free.

Call: 02-493 0115


What: Abacus and mental arithmetic programme for brain development. UCMAS training involves holistic brain development.

Where: 30 centres across UAE, flexible timing.

When: July 1-August 21, 4-6pm

How much: Registration – Dh350, Level 1 – Dh900

Call: 02-676 3033

5 Emirates Kindercare

What: Islamic learning in Ramadan. Themed days like bubbles day, pizza day, salad making, magic, swimming, clay modelling, painting, drawing, etc.

Where: Karama Street opposite Shaikh Khalifa City

When: June 29–August 28, 8.30am-3.30pm

Ages: 2-4 years

How much: Dh1,250 a month

Call: 02-681 9371

6 Computer Explorers UAE

What: Robotic engineering, technology and engineering related courses, digital art, language training, maths and science related learning.

Where: Nation Galleria Mall

When: June 29–July 17; July 20–August 7, August 19–28, 9am–noon

Ages: 6-15 years

How much: Dh1,600 per session

Call: 050-681 3439

7 Ritz Kids

What: Themed activities week, art and craft activities including making souvenirs and keepsakes, painting, outdoor activities, and skill building exercises.

Where: Ritz Carlton, Abu Dhabi

When: July 6-August 14, 9am-2pm

Ages: 4-12 years

How much: Dh1,200 per week or daily Dh200.

Call: 02-8188145

8 Noah’s Ark Training Institute

What: Music training, art and painting, craft activity, wonder science course, dance, robotics, outdoor trips.

Where: Airport Road, NBK Building, Ruwais – Ruwais Housing Complex

When: June 29-August 21, 9am-1pm

Ages: 3-12 years

How much: Dh750

Call: 02-641 9793

9 Little Discovery Camp

What: Play-based learning of scientific concepts, guided exploration of Little World Discovery Center.

Where: Nation Galleria Mall, Corniche

When: June 29–August 28, 9.30am-12.30pm

Ages: 5-7 years and 8-10 years

How much: 1 day – Dh240, 1 week – Dh1,000, 2 weeks – Dh1,900, 3 weeks – Dh2,700. Sibling discount 15 per cent

Call : 02-681 8824

10 Little Gym Summer Camp

What: The Little Gym is offering Super Kids’ Quest Summer Camp this year where every camp will be theme based with exciting missions or quests for children to tackle.

Where: Nation Galleria Mall

When: June 30 – August 28

Ages: 3-10 years

How much: 1 day – Dh250, 1 week – Dh850, 3 weeks – Dh2,400. Siblings discount 15 per cent

Call: 02-681 6663

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Veedol Supports World’s First Student Group Expedition to Antarctica

veedol Supports World s first student group expedition to antarctica  Veedol Supports World’s First Student Group Expedition to AntarcticaThe multinational motor oil company, Veedol has dedicated itself to partner with the Antarctic Youth Ambassador Programme (AYAP); by committing its support to the world’s first student group from the U.A.E on an expedition to Antarctica. The vision of AYAP is to create an international youth coalition of passionate Antarctic Adventurers who will champion the cause of renewable energy.

Veedol supported Master Sarthak Kumar, a student of grade 12 at the GEMS academy, Dubai, UAE. Gems Academy has become the first school in the world to join Robert Swan on an expedition to Save Antarctica by sending the first team of students this year. A group of ten students from the UAE were selected for the expedition by Robert Swan (

Fresh and fully enthused, from the recently concluded expedition Sarthak will now embark with his team on a project entitled “To Save World – Save Antarctica”, by propagating the importance of renewable energy now and for the coming generations.

Arun Kumar, General Manager (International Operations) Veedol International said, “Veedol has pioneered the innovations in the lube industry, for over a century and in continuing with this trend take great pride in associating the brand with such a noble yet challenging initiative”.

Veedol brand, originally from U.S.A has many firsts in its house of landmarks starting from being chosen as the world’s First motor oil by Henry Ford for the First automobile car “Model-T” in 1914, which has transformed personal mobility across the globe.

Ewan Ramsay, General Manager of Galadari Automobiles said, “Our entire team is committed in creating awareness about renewable energy not only to our families but to the residents of UAE and together with Veedol we will be part of all such movements the student group is initiating to implement from now”. In the coming days, it is expected that the first student group from UAE to Antarctica will schedule visits to schools, colleges and universities with focused messages to educate and create awareness of preserving energy for the next generations to come; targeted to the young and old generation alike.

Galadari Automobiles Co. Ltd., the partner distributor of Veedol range of lubricants in the UAE, is equally committed to the noble cause. The company has streamlined plans leading to saving energy at all levels – at the work place and staff residences.

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