Most kindergarten projects in MoE project are complete

most kindergarten projects in moe project are complete Most kindergarten projects in MoE project are completeUAE: Only 13 of 89 kindergartens still need to be equipped with the necessary furnishings and educational tools before the kindergarten development project is completed by the end of this year, according to Fawziya Hassan Gharib, assistant undersecretary for educational operations at the ministry.

The project aims to develop kindergartens and train 1,338 teachers and administrative staff.

Ms Gharib said 1,092 teachers out of 1,252 have so far received training. Forty-two training courses have been delivered on the implementation of self-learning systems at kindergarten development centres in Dubai, the Eastern Region and Ras Al Khaimah.

The English-language programme has been implemented in kindergartens since 2008. There have been 87 English teachers appointed between 2008 and last year at 60 centres in six educational zones.

The Arabic-language development programme was implemented in 44 kindergartens last year. Since then, 104 teachers and instructors had been trained to teach Arabic-language skills.

The programme would cover the remaining kindergartens by the start of the new school year.

The project also includes offering two training courses per school year to train teachers in the new curriculum, and the daily schedule at kindergartens would be modified accordingly. Assessment systems would be developed and special regulations would be introduced to cover such issues as registration and acceptance.

Work is under way to include kindergartens on the educational scale as an educational phase.

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