Dubai companies tackle the root of youth unemployment through corporate social education

dubai companies tackle the root of youth unemployment through corporate social education Dubai companies tackle the root of youth unemployment through corporate social educationDubai, UAE: If you truly have to get to the root cause of the massive issue of youth unemployment and also employee dis-engagement (about 70% in every company), you will find they both have commonalities: Potential employees or employees with degrees and/or jobs that do not match their natural area of talent (square peg round hole syndrome) and each group is lacking development in their non-cognitive/soft leadership skills.

The High School and University experience of a youth focuses purely on cognitive skills with dots of “one-off non-cognitive experiences”. Now consider some of the most desired skills in the workforce such as: Effective communication, Acting as a team player, Presentation and Negotiation skills, Pursuing tasks in your natural areas of power etc. and you will start seeing the root of many of the unemployment issues we face today. But are we focused on solving them?

This is where the Growing Leaders Foundation steps in with its ground-breaking Corporate Social Education training which leverages both HR and CSR platforms in companies focusing on soft and leadership skills.

Corporate Social Education re-imagines how we educate our workforce to become change agents in society.

The Foundation develops non-cognitive skills training modules and CSR experiences that require company employees to teach what they just learnt to 9-12 year olds. In some instances company employees are learning skills sets alongside University students affording companies a unique opportunity to analyze first hand the level of soft and leadership skills in a potential University recruit.

On Nov 3rd and 4th, the Foundation is hosting its first public CSE training in Dubai. It will not only afford companies serious about their CSR initiatives the opportunity to learn and teach leadership/soft but also help them to properly design think their next set of initiatives taking into account sustainability and impact measurement. To learn more, please or email

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