Murdoch University Dubai sees record enrolment increase

murdoch university dubai sees record enrolment increase Murdoch University Dubai sees record enrolment increaseDubai, UAE: Murdoch University Dubai, a core campus of one of Western Australia’s leading research, learning and teaching universities announced a record increase of 59% in enrolments this September. The university will be teaching its largest freshman class ever with more than 230 international and domestic students enrolled. According to reports, total enrolments are projected to surpass 800 students by the end of December 2014.

Daniel Adkins, the Academic Director for Murdoch University Dubai at Dubai International Academic City, has said, “The growth is largely attributed to increased interest in the University’s Media, Information Technology and Education programs and a rise in demand for associated careers in many sectors of U.A.E’s economy”. Mr Adkins also said that more staff and faculty have been hired to meet this growing enrolment. The university has also initiated its plans for expansion.

Other areas driving the growth include the university’s pathway programs, student’s appetite for research, the university’s global recognition and the opportunity for students to transfer at any stage to the parent campus in Perth or to the university’s other branch campus in Singapore.

“We’re very excited about our performance in Dubai,” said Max Sully, Dean and Academic President.

“A really robust start to this academic year,” he said. “I really think it comes down to us having a well-rounded university campus in Dubai that has combined excellent academic programs with international opportunities for students.”

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