Oman planning to revamp its education system as part of roadmap 2040

oman planning to revamp its education system as part of roadmap 2040 Oman planning to revamp its education system as part of roadmap 2040Oman, UAE: he revamp will mainly focus on integrating vocational subjects into the main curriculum and improving the quality of education.

Speaking on the sidelines of the three-day National Symposium on Education, Jokha Abdullah al Shukaili, director general of Private Universities and Colleges told Muscat Daily, “The plan is to widen the course options for students so that they can choose subjects based on their interest.

“The main aim is to emphasise the importance of vocational training and include it in the mainstream along with other academic subjects.”
Apart from revamping the education system, Jokha said, the symposium is also discussing the need for an annual audit which will check the quality of education.

The Oman Academic Accreditation Authority will take steps to conduct annual audit which will help the schools to set benchmark and assess their performance. “Another thing that calls for change is the structure of education.
“The Ministry of Higher Education, in cooperation with other ministries is planning to centralise the education system in the sultanate. We will have a central education law which will be implemented throughout the country.”

The symposium is also discussing projects prepared by the Education Council.

She said that 24 projects and five mega projects are being discussed at the symposium. These projects will focus on restructuring the Omani education system, framing laws for schools and higher education and formulating a strategy for education 2040.

Dr Hilal al Shidhani, chairman, media communication at the national symposium said, “We will be presenting these projects at different public forums for feedback, views and opinions so that we can formulate a strategy for education 2040.”

Organised by the Education Council, the symposium will conclude on Thursday

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