Education plan approved by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

education plan approved by sheikh mohammed bin rashid Education plan approved by Sheikh Mohammed bin RashidAbu Dhabi, UAE: The education plan to take the UAE to 2021 has been approved by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai.

With innovation as a key factor, the plan will aim to meet the goals of the national agenda for the UAE 2021 Vision.

“Thanks to the keen interest shown by Sheikh Khalifa, the President, in the field of education the coming years will witness a complete change in the educational system,” said Sheikh Mohammed after approving the plan on Tuesday.

“The national strategy of innovation focuses on knowledge integration in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and other fields, all of which contribute towards strengthening the knowledge economy.

“We do care about the future of the Emirati citizens and need to see their educational contributions, which would add to the country’s march towards renaissance, thus making a quantum leap in this sector inevitable.”

He said the country would acquire the latest skills and was preparing a generation of innovators.

Sheikh Mohammed said he would be directly supervising and following up the educational process with the Government ensuring all kinds of support.

“Everyone should shoulder his or her responsibilities,” he said. “I urge educators to pay extra attention to talented students at all schools and stages.”

The plan is to be implemented next year.

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