New govt program to lift education standard

new govt program to lift education standard New govt program to lift education standardSaudi Arabia: The Ministry of Higher Education is planning to adopt a new system to help universities meet international standards.

Deputy Minister of Higher Education Ahmed Al-Saif said at a seminar that the ministry is seeking the adoption of the program to raise the quality of education and outcomes of university programs, and to make sure they are consistent with the very best in higher education.

He said that the ministry has completed most of the requirements for this system; the basic tasks during the first phase of the project included seven engineering regulations and, upon the instruction of the minister of education, they will try to apply the second phase of the project soon.

Al-Saif said that the aim in organizing the seminar was to shed light on the ministry’s national project to measure the impact of higher education, and to clarify the second phase which will include the identification of learning outcomes along with the preparation of standardized tests for 21 majors in various scientific fields.

He said the ministry feels this project will help Saudi universities to rise to compete with universities abroad.

Prince Faisal Al-Saud Al-Mishari, president of the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education, said that the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation will work on the project with specialists from universities, as well as from the National Commission for Accreditation with the aim of adjusting the educational system to be more representative of true university graduates.

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