Police run campaign in Filipino school

police run campaign in filipino school Police run campaign in Filipino schoolDubai, UAE: In an effort to reach expatriate communities, Dubai Police have launched a campaign in the Filipino School to raise awareness about ongoing issues and facilitate ease of access to its services.

The awareness campaign was organised by the Department of Security Awareness, the school authorities and the Filipino Consulate.

Speaking to parents, Major Mohammad Salem Al Muhairi, Director of the Department’s Crime Division, said that it was important to target expat communities in Dubai.

“By cooperating with consulates and their communities we can raise awareness about certain ongoing issues and clarify the laws of the country,” he said, “We can reach the targeted segments by conferences, seminars, newspapers and social media channels. The programme works on harnessing an effective communication between the police and the various communities. “

Diab Bin Ali from the official division of foreign communities in Dubai highlighted the services and programmes run by the police.

“We will educate students about the harms of using narcotics, drinking while driving, cases of fraud, child harassment and other misdemeanours,” he said, “We hope our awareness campaign will be an effective method to advise them to abstain from using illegal substances, protect them from child harassment and report any immoral conduct to the police.”

Bin Ali also said that the campaign functions to facilitate ease of access to the police services.

“Al Ameen Service is a bridge to facilitate communication between expats and the police,” he said. “The service works round the clock and can easily be reached via different mediums.”

Joselin Solano, principal of the school, praised the police’s efforts to reach the Filipino community.

“It is important to raise awareness among our youngsters,” she said, “It is at such a vulnerable age that they may fall prey to wayward behaviour. By educating them about the harms of narcotics and other crimes, we are one step closer to securing their safety and promoting their future.”

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