Sorbonne Abu Dhabi among Exhibitors at NAJAH Education and Career Fair

sorbonne abu dhabi among exhibitors at najah education and career fair mini Sorbonne Abu Dhabi among Exhibitors at NAJAH Education and Career FairAbu Dhabi, UAE: Paris – Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) is among the exhibitors at this year’s edition of NAJAH, given the university’s keenness to engage with students and parents on all issues. The event, which will be running over three days at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Center, aims to showcase the education, training and career sectors in the UAE.

NAJAH is a perfect venue and opportunity for students and parents to learn about the university’s world-class, specialized academic programs and to inquire about undergraduate and graduate study. Students can benefit from the guidance offered at the PSUAD booth and have all their questions answered.

The PSUAD administration noted that the university’s participation aims to introduce students, academics and those interested in higher education and scientific research to the various academic programs – bachelors’ and masters’ – on offer at the university. Such participation is key for students to interact with faculty members and benefit from their advice on the considerable options available for them to pursue their studies and achieve their career goals with PSUAD.

PSUAD affirmed that NAJAH is one of the leading annual events dedicated to education and recruitment in the UAE. The fair provides opportunities, as well as academic and practical tips, to young people in need of guidance before making such critical decisions regarding their education and future careers.

“By taking part in NAJAH 2014, PSUAD seeks to provide comprehensive, clear and accessible information about the various undergraduate and graduate programs on offer at the university. The fair is also an opportunity for us to showcase the skills of our students and reflect the integrated roles and responsibilities of public and private institutions and authorities, on the one hand, and the university, on the other,” the PSUAD administration stated.

The university’s pavilion will be helping students learn about the multiple options for pursuing graduate study at a prestigious global university such as PSUAD. Academic experts will be on hand to offer personalized tips on study tracks, including course requirements and eligibility.

PSUAD has created an informational presentation on its graduate studies system, highlighting its academic rigorousness, intellectual approaches and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The overview serves to foster a deeper understanding among students and parents about the advantages of such a system, the role of the university in the academic life of students of all backgrounds and the edge they will gain in francophone communities.

The PSUAD pavilion at NAJAH 2014 will also features several presentations on academic and cultural programs and will offer a wide range of information, informational and guidance materials, and brochures on the world-class diplomas conferred by the university to bachelors’ and masters’ students. Visitors will learn about training and internship opportunities provided by PSUAD to its students at the UAE’s most prestigious authorities and institutions towards developing their performance and honing their academic and educational skills and capacities.

© Press Release 2014



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