VISS principal provides insight into world-class education models

viss principal provides insight into worldclass education models VISS principal provides insight into world class education modelsSharjah: Dean Pyrah, Principal of the Victoria International School of Sharjah (VISS), has spoken to regional education leaders about what makes a world-class school.

MrPyrah presented to members of the regional education community in Dubai at the MENA Education Systems Strategic Leadership Conference Towards Outstanding Education Systems.

The three day conference, which was organised by Educators Consultancy, attracted influential speakers who shared their knowledge and experiences, whilst offering educators the opportunity to learn more about successful education models.

Mr. Pyrah spoke about the ‘Effective Schools Model’, a framework which emphasises the importance of continual improvement, and has proven to be successful at VISS.

“When applying the Effective Schools Model we ensure that everything our school does as an institution is firmly linked to improving the learning outcomes for our students,” Mr. Pyrah said. And when I talk about outcomes, it is important to note that I do not merely focus on academic performances, but the character-building of our students is equally fundamental to us.

“At VISS, we make sure that our students develop skills to become critical thinkers and responsible citizens when they leave the school – and all this can be achieved through adhering to the guidelines set by this framework,” he added.

The Australian-based curriculum model, upon which the Effective Schools Model is founded on, embraces four elements of broad basis, inquiry approach, critical thinking, and personalised learning.

“These four elements represent the foundation of the Effective Schools Model and underpin everything we do at VISS as an Australian curriculum school,” Mr. Pyrah said. Everyone at our school is part of a learning community, in which we strive to continually advance. This constant spirit of inquisitiveness and desire to excel is what brings success.”

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