Synergy University Dubai Hosted The 1st Of Its Kind Gifted & Talented Education Workshop For

synergy university dubai hosted the 1st of its kind gifted talented education workshop for Synergy University Dubai Hosted The 1st Of Its Kind Gifted & Talented Education Workshop ForGifted children are considered as having exceptional intellectual capacities in different fields. From intellectual
to artistic skills, these children require identification and specific support from school entities in order to
nurture and grow their talents. Giftedness recognition and management is at early stages in the UAE and that
is why an exclusive workshop organized by Synergy University Dubai at the renowned Shangri-La Hotel, was
conducted on November 3rd 2014 for Counsellors, Principals and Educational Leaders to explore best-practices and concepts aimed at addressing this important segment.

The Workshop was attended by more than 150 school officials, principals, counsellors and teachers from 50 private schools across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates. Furthermore, we were delighted to welcome senior representatives of concerned UAE Federal institutions on our guest list incl. the UAE Talent Association represented by Ms. Munira Safar (Board Member) & the Higher Colleges of Technology –Dubai Men’s College represented by Ms. Dalal Al Hai (Supervisor of Student Services & Careers). Among our renowned VIP guests, we welcomed Lord Graham Powel at yesterday’s Workshop.

The opening speech, delivered by Mr. Zaid Maleh, Vice Chancellor International at Synergy University presented the attendees with an overview of talent, entrepreneurship and recent projects at Synergy
University Dubai related to giftedness & talent. Mr. Maleh said: “We at Synergy University pride ourselves
being at the forefront of raising awareness and enriching the educational experience for the gifted and
talented in the UAE. It is for that purpose, that we have also aligned strategic interests with the Gifted Academy to provide the all-important holistic approach towards addressing this sensitive field. With the support and willingness of all stakeholders, we are convinced that our suggested approach “educate the educators” will contribute positively to the overall development of giftedness in the UAE and the wider GCC.

Mr. Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center), added to the
importance of nurturing talent and providing them the opportunities to develop their ideas and acknowledged
the collaboration between the DMCC Free Zone and the University. In addition, Mr. Ahmed Bin Sulayem took
the opportunity to congratulate Synergy University Dubai Campus for their first year of operation in Dubai,
which coincided with the workshop date.

The keynote speaker of the event, Dr. Manahel Thabet, a pioneer in the field of gifted education and the Vice Chancellor of the UK based Gifted Academy, has presented to the audience different types of giftedness and talent, ways to recognize and manage them in both curricular and extracurricular manners, and how they vary depending on the culture and origin of the curriculum. Dr. Thabet’s presentation sparked a lively Q&A session with many attendees asking for more guidance on this most important subject, implying more is to be done in the field of educating the educators in the UAE.



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