Adec releases private schools policy manual

adec releases private schools policy manual Adec releases private schools policy manualThe Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) has released a manual to spell out private school regulations and policies.

The manual has 81 policies in 22 chapters elaborating on regulations that were released last year.

It provides a legal basis for all aspects of the private school sector, and defines the rights and responsibilities of students, teachers, school leaders and investors or operators.

“The release of the manual is a major milestone for Adec, particularly for the private schools and quality assurance sector, who have worked conscientiously to align the policies in par with national, regional and international benchmarks and best practices,” said Dr Amal Al Qubaisi, director general of Adec.

Key articles will include curriculum, admissions, special-needs education, extra-curricular activities, governance, student behaviour, internet security, teacher licensing and qualifications, and professional and ethical codes of conduct.

“Private schools have a comprehensive and solid regulatory framework that helps protect the rights of the school, investor, operator and most importantly the rights of students and their parents or guardians,” Dr Al Qubaisi said.

“Through these policies, schools are expected to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities to students, implement measures to best protect the safety of students at all times, including bus transport, and improve the governance of school operations.”

The manual also helps to explain a new payment system for late starts and early exits from school, and directs schools to admit students with mild to moderate special education needs to provide equal learning opportunities.

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