Dassault Systèmes Supports Engineering Education Progress at 2014 WEEF Conference

dassault systemes supportse engineering education progress at 2014 weef conference Dassault Systèmes Supports Engineering Education Progress at 2014 WEEF ConferenceDassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, world leader in 3D design software, 3D Digital Mock Up and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), is participating in, and contributing to, the 2014 World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) in Dubai, on 3-6 December.

Around 5 million students engage with Dassault Systèmes applications in more than 35,000 locations around the world. At the company’s Education Lab new engineering education practices for middle school to PhD level are invented, refined, tested and validated with educators and students.

Dassault Systèmes works with engineers’ employers to ensure students develop skills that make them more readily employable. Key among these is the ability to work in dispersed teams delivering innovative engineering results.

To progress this, Dassault Systèmes partners with universities around the world. Supported by the use of cloud hosted data-rich ‘intelligent’ 3D digital models, internationally located teams of students bring different disciplines together in real time on collaborative projects. Learning this way makes the students more valuable to employers because their educational experience more closely matches their eventual work environment

The company is instrumental in helping various educational institutions better utilize resources by evolving MOOCs from simple online lectures to highly interactive learning environments. For example, deploying the Internet of Things provides remote access and video cameras linked to banks of robots, 3D printers and other machines and systems. These are realistically simulated and visualized on student’s computer screens using Dassault Systèmes solution for product design and simulation, CATIA. This provides reach and multidisciplinary access to often shared or remotely hosted teaching resources while efficiently making educational institutes’ own facilities available for more student hours.

Deploying 3D technology makes content more engaging and improves learning outcomes. In a time of high dropout rates for MOOCs this use of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform suite of integrated applications helps attract, enthuse and retain more students.

The company also works with engineering student associations SPEED (Student Platform for Engineering Education Development) and BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), developing educational perceptions and new responses to the Grand Challenges of Engineering. These 14 subjects defined by the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) include; reverse-engineer the brain, provide access to clean water, and energy from fusion.

At middle school level Dassault Systèmes encourages children to be inspired by engineering through its sponsorship of Course en Cours. Each year 11,000 10-18 year olds from 400 schools work in teams to invent, design and build a model racing car powered by an electric motor. This teaches them a range of skills including, mathematics, physics, research, engineering and 3D design as well as marketing, logistics, and communications. At university level Dassault Systèmes sponsors the Formula Student / Formula SAE challenge where undergraduate students build and race a car.

Dassault Systèmes is advancing Flipped classrooms and labs with the introduction of 3D technology. The methodology encourages students to study online using 3D simulations and models, and then seek personalized interaction, coaching and guidance from their teachers. This improves the allocation of resources and teaching time while helping STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) students innovate collaboratively.

Other engineering education projects that deploy the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform include linking textbooks with virtualised interactive online 3D engineering models that bring the books to life, and partnering with Georgia Tech on collaborative innovation practices for high schools. In another example dispersed teams enrolled in educational summer camps are encouraged to design, simulate, verify and virtually make digital Lego Mindstorm projects that are then physically constructed adding self-designed 3D printed extra construction bricks.

Xavier Fouger, Global Academia programs Senior Director Dassault Systèmes will be present at WEEF. He was instrumental in the formation of the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) and is a founder member of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEE). He is also vice-president of the European Society for Engineering Education and works around the world with policy makers and Education Ministries at a country scale. At the WEEF Conference he will be giving the keynote address to The International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP). From 12;30 to 2pm on December 4th, Maktoum Hall A of the Dubai International Convention And Exhibition Center.

M. Fouger will join the Intergenerational Panel discussion in which educators, practitioners and students spanning a range of generations will debate the critical role of technology in today’s engineering education. He will also moderate an Expert Panel discussing academia and industry’s response to preparing a global graduate workforce. This session will be from 2 to 3.30 pm on December 4th, Maktoum Hall B of the Dubai International Convention And Exhibition Center.

Xavier Fouger said, “Digital native XY generation students are different from their teachers. Often they may not respond well to traditional teaching methods or note taking but they are excited by communication, collaboration, simulation and the endless possibilities of technology. Because the world needs many more engineers Dassault Systèmes and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform inspires students to develop their aptitude and attitude to learn engineering from an early age and continuously improve those skills throughout their lives. This makes them more employable because they know the theory and practice of engineering and have experienced the platform that they are likely to encounter in the world of work.”

Xavier Fouger will be available for press interviews during the WEEF Conference.
If you are interested in meeting him please liaise with

For further information please visit: http://bit.ly/1yM8r1H

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