Students given glimpse of ancient Umm Al Quwain

students given glimpse of ancient umm al quwain Students given glimpse of ancient Umm Al QuwainUmm al-Quwain, UAE: The Journey of the Union students latest leg of their trip saw them delve back into the country’s rich history.

On the eighth day of their journey, the youngsters were shown around UAQ’s museums and archaeological sites to help them understand about the ancient civilisations who once inhabited the area.

At the Umm Al Quwain Museum, the students were astonished about the historical information they were being shown

Sheikha Al Bayraq, 15, from Umm Al Quwain, “I never knew that the place where I am from and grew up has an archaeological museum, including the oldest pearl dating back to 7,500 years.”

Ms Al Bayraq, who wants to be an artist in the future, said she is proud of what she learnt about her country, her emirate and the ancient cultures that inhabited the area.

Amna Al Amri, 16, from Sharjah, also found the experience fascinating.

“This is the first time I have visited and seen UAQ. I saw the nature of the emirate that I never have never seen in any picture.

“We visited the museums and got to know what was worn by the ancient people, said Ms Al Amri added, who wants to become a minister for the environment when she is older.

Ali Al Shawi, 16, from UAQ, said despite the emirate being his home, he pleased to have visited places he had never been before.

“I am from the emirate but it was the first time that I saw new and distinctive landmarks. I never know about them before,” he said.

They then visited the Ed-Dur site, which, is the largest pre-Islamic historical site on the Gulf coast.

Over the years, archaeologists have excavated a wealth of finds, including temples, burial chambers and artefacts.

Noura Habeeb, 16, from Ras al-Khaimah, said “It is an indescribable feeling that I am standing right now on the land that was home to many civilisations dating back thousands of years. There are rare things here that can benefit our future sons.”

Ms Habeeb, who has ambitions to become a surgeon, added that it is important to see that place which contains monuments with their own eyes to learn about the past.

“As they say ‘who doesn’t have past, will not have future,’ so it is important to know our past and visit the civilisations’ areas,” she said.

The students were also pleased to be one of the chosen participants in the Journey of the Union, which is being organised by Al Bayt Mitwahid, an association formed from employees of the Crown Prince Court.

“I am so happy because I am one of the students who were chosen to be on this journey. It has taught me many things about my country and its heritage,” said Fatmah Al Salami, 15, from Fujairah.

Mohammad Saif, 16, from UAQ, was said the journey had succeeded in combining both the ancient and the modern.

“I learnt from this journey that each emirate features new and old things, which made me proud that I am the son of UAE,” he said.

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