Professors allowed to work part-time

professors in saudi arabia allowed to work parttime Professors allowed to work part timeThe Ministry of Civil Service has announced new regulations allowing university professors to supplement their income by up to SR 3,000 working part-time.

Minister of Civil Service Abdul Rahman Al-Barrak said that a professor must satisfy six conditions to qualify for this. Some of these requirements demand for the professor to be part of the teaching staff at universities or military colleges and have prior experience in providing consultancy in his field for five years.

Meanwhile, economy professor at King Abdul Aziz University Abdullah Ramadan told Arab News that Saudization will help local professors to work for more than two private entities since Saudis can work on a part-time basis for more than two companies.

Part-time work should be undertaken according to a written contract that defines contract duration, working hours, pay, perks and conditions, Al-Barrak pointed out. Both employer and employee can renew the contract at their discretion.

“Many professors are working on a part-time basis, due to their wealth of experience and expertise.

Several private companies need senior advisers to oversee the business strategies and plans,” he added.

The Labor Ministry announced that it will allow full-time Saudi employees to work on a part-time basis for other companies, provided that the job duration does not exceed four hours a day, or 24 hours a week. Prospective part-time employees will have to seek their employers’ approval if the work is of a similar nature to their full-time job.

The ministry has published a draft regulation with 17 articles regarding part-time employment in Saudi Arabia, which is limited to citizens. Sources at the ministry said that the regulation would meet growing demand for the national labor force and increase the monthly income of Saudi workers. These new rules will also protect the rights of both employers and employees in case of abuse.

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