Arab nations unite to take up school children’s health plan

arab nations unite to take up school childrens health plan Arab nations unite to take up school childrens health planMuscat, Oman: A regional meeting of experts for improving the school health document in general education schools in Arab countries mooted continuation of its activities.

The meeting was inaugurated on Tuesday in Muscat under the auspices of Dr Humoud Al Harthi, undersecretary of Ministry of Education for education and curricula, in the presence of the secretary of the Oman National Commission for Education, Culture and Science (ONCECS), and the participation of representatives from 10 Arab countries, experts and specialists in the field of nutrition and school health.

The meeting was organised by ONCECS, in collaboration with Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO).

The draft document to improve school health in general education schools in the Arab countries is one of ALECSO’s programmes within its general plan to develop education in the Arab world.

The programme aims specifically to improve school health services to face current and future challenges and to develop them to reflect positively on school achievement of students and professional performance of teachers and administrators, besides consolidating the positive health behaviour for all members of the society. This meeting aims to develop school health in the Arab world so that it can meet the needs of learners and staff in the school environment and related community members.

After the opening ceremony, Dr. Humoud Al Harthy, undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Education and Curriculum, made a statement in which he said, “We all know that a healthy mind is in a healthy body, so the availability of school health services effectively contribute to improving the academic achievement of students. Health, both in terms of food and protection from diseases lead to students who are capable of academic achievement as required since school health is one of the most important aspects of the educational process.”

Two presentations were given at the meeting. The first was titled ‘Improving School Health in Public Education Schools’ by Dr. Mohammed bin Fatima, professor of high education at the University of Tunisia. He demonstrated the overall goals related to improving school health in the Arab world, and provided an analysis of a questionnaire to identify strengths and weaknesses in the Arab strategy for the monitoring of difficulties facing school health organisation.

The questionnaire covered a number of goals and directives to improve school health by setting up a strategy for the purpose.

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