Special curriculum designed for high IQ Emirati boy

special curriculum designed for high iq emirati boy Special curriculum designed for high IQ Emirati boyThe Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology and the Global Centre for Gifted and Talented Children have developed a special curriculum for Adeeb Al Balushi, the nine year-old Emirati inventor.

The three-year programme, which balances skill development and mental health, was developed after Adeeb tested higher than his peers on an IQ test.

Roya Klingner, founder and head of the global centre, held a number of meetings with Adeeb’s teachers to share with them the best practices for supporting, nurturing and developing his talents. She also met with the child’s parents and the team at the institution to discuss a roadmap for development, the places he must visit and the programmes he will undertake.

“Adeeb is a very creative and gifted boy with high social skills and leadership potential,” Ms Klingner said.

Yousuf Al Shaibani, director-general of the Emirates Institution , said: “We are living in an age where man is in a race against fast-changing technology, so it is of the utmost importance to create new opportunities for our children so they keep up with a rapidly developing world and can contribute to society’s progress, achieving personal and economic growth.”

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