Yoganory: Combining Stories And Songs To Teach Yoga For Babies And Toddlers

inspire children nursery logo Yoganory: Combining Stories And Songs To Teach Yoga For Babies And ToddlersAt Inspire Nursery we believe Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s not competitive. Yoga benefits are mainly physical, as it enhances children’s flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness as they follow the specific poses. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness improves. We combine yoga with stories and song using interactive games and animated postures, children learn about animals and nature as they travel the world, follow and listen to simple instructions.

Our day starts with a simple yoga exercise to calm the mind and foster mental creativity as we travel the world with ‘Tiny Tom’ on his adventures and just before nap time relaxing music is played as the children stretch and relax their bodies before sleep. Here’s one of our Yoga classes in action:

How do you help children discover a love for Yoga? Here are some tips:

  • . Keep it simple: To foster a love of yoga and avoid frustration, choose poses that your child will be able to do without too much effort.
  • Freedom of Expression: To encourage your children in their exploration of yoga, encourage children to use their imagination and allow them the autonomy to make choices with movements i.e – ‘Shall we travel by boat or plane?
  • Tell it in a Story: Yoga is great when using a particular story of interest and encouraging children to make up the story and actions as they go along. It makes storytelling so much more interactive.
  • Don’t Say it, Sing it: Children love songs. They love to sing, and they love to hear you sing and they respond much more when instructions are in rhyme and song.

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