Parents happy with children’s education: Survey

parents happy with children s education survey Parents happy with children’s education: SurveyAbu Dhabi, UAE: A survey by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) has revealed that parents across the emirate are satisfied with their children’s schools. The education satisfaction survey, that was conducted in 2013-2014, sought to gauge the level of parents’ satisfaction with seven aspects of the education provided by the school of their child – parental participation and communication, quality of learning, school safety, code of conduct, morale and loyalty, health issues and school facilities.

Parents in Abu Dhabi are happy with the support the child receives and the quality of teaching in schools. — Supplied photo

More than 53,780 parents (of students in public and private schools in the emirate) participated in the survey, which exceeded expectations according to Adec.

In public schools, where 77 per cent of parents expressed satisfaction. They expressed “complete satisfaction” when it came to rating the school facilities and school safety.

In private schools, school safety, morale and loyalty (school reputation and attractiveness) were the top two aspects of their school parents were “completely satisfied” with. Meanwhile, the school facilities (in terms of adequate space and resources, and building condition) were rated “neutral” in 21 schools, followed by the code of conduct (student behaviour and educators demeanour towards students) in five schools.

The survey, which featured a total of 70 questions, covered a range of issues that are important to parents and schools. These include the level of support the child receives at school; quality of teachers and teaching; the child’s satisfaction with the school; how the school deals with behaviour and bullying; the level of care given to students; level and type of communication with the school; and school cafeteria and health clinic facilities.

Dr Amal Al Qubaisi, Adec director-general, commended the level of participation showed by parents in the survey. In addition to responding to all the questions at the survey, over 12,000 open-ended comments were received from parents which showed their willingness and enthusiasm.

According to Adec, the report, which can now be accessed online ( will help provide principals with useful insights to identify their school’s strengths and weaknesses from parents’ perspective. The report is also useful for parents looking at enrolling their kids into these schools.

“Publicising these results will be helpful for school inspectors, parents and members of the public in general. This initiative has resulted in receiving the highest number of parental engagement ever, which shows that we are doing something right to help involve parents in their child’s educational process,” said Professor Masood Badri, head of research and planning Adec

“We will use this fruitful feedback to ask for more in-depth information which can make all the difference to schools. Without parental feedback you run the risk of missing the first signs of potential problems and alienating the very people who matter the most,” he pointed out.

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