Project to raise standard of Saudi public schools

project to raise standard of saudi public schools Project to raise standard of Saudi public schoolsSaudi Arabia: The newly formed Public Education Evaluation Commission (PEEC) will launch on Sunday its first project on the national education curriculum standards for public schools.

The event at Al-Faisaliah Hotel will be attended by Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, minister of education, according to a source from PEEC.

Conducted under the theme “Building National Framework Reference for the Curriculum Standards,” this will be the first PEEC project to be undertaken in collaboration with the Center of Excellence at King Saud University, which will hold workshops from Feb. 2 to 5.

PEEC Deputy Gov. Saleh Shamrani said that the project is one of the main technical programs of the commission within the framework of future programs and projects for upgrading education. These approaches represent the core of the educational process.

The program aims to develop higher standards for students, enabling them to raise their benchmark after reaching the cognitive domain target. This will be the standard platform and a basis for the design of educational attitudes.

He added: “This will build assessment tools to detect the extent of the success of those standards, to enhance the quality of education and guide future development operations in the light of the evaluation results, which will contribute to the achievement of comprehensive and sustainable development.”

Shamrani said that this event reflects the importance of national capacity and professional development, which is essential for the success of the project. It will also provide technical support to the program committees to make a paradigm shift in the general education curriculum in Saudi Arabia.

“The workshop will provide a vision of the curricula of public education in Saudi Arabia and will determine the values, attitudes and aspirations of the community,” he said, adding that it contributes to the development of the future to achieve a number of objectives including building an effective partnership based on mutual cooperation between PEEC, the Center of Excellence for Research and global specialist experience.

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