Tamkeen organises “Discover Opportunities” event for students

bahrains tamkeen organises discover opportunities event for students Tamkeen organises Discover Opportunities event for studentsManama, Bahrain: As part of its efforts to directly reach out and engage with the public, Tamkeen organised “Discover Opportunities” event, a unique initiative aimed at providing guidance and mentoring to students and entrants into the labour market.

During the event, which took place as part of University College of Bahrain’s Open Day, Tamkeen’s customer engagement and support team highlighted the support programmes Tamkeen and other organisations offer youth at different stages of their careers, as well as raising awareness of emerging fields and specialisations in the market.

In addition, the team emphasised the importance in professional certifications in gaining a competitive advantage in the market and accelerating career progression.

This, in turn, reflects positively on Bahrainis’ productivity and employability, and contributes to the development and growth of the national economy at large.

Tamkeen’s customer engagement and support team also promoted entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to regular employment, as well as underlining its role in advancing economic growth, innovation, and job creation, and the various support programmes offered by Tamkeen and its partners in this area.

The event also included showcasing a number of success stories of Bahrainis who have benefited from Tamkeen’s support programmes across a range of areas, including establishing and sustaining start-up companies, professional certifications, training leading to employment, and others.

Tamkeen’s customer engagement and support team remained on campus for the duration of the day to answer students’ questions and help them enroll in the relevant support programmes.

“Discover Opportunities” events will be held regularly at different educational institutions in Bahrain, with the next one scheduled to take place at Ahlia University at the end of this month.

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