Bringing environmental issues into our UAE nursery schools and community

bringing environmental issues into our uae nursery schools and community Bringing environmental issues into our UAE nursery schools and communityFalcon British Nursery, an inspiring new nursery school in Abu Dhabi, is stepping up to the mark to acknowledge our responsibility to the earth and to teach our children how we can live more sustainably.

Amelia Joan Brown, the Principal at Falcon British Nursery School says ‘This is grass roots learning. Our children are our planet’s future and educators have a responsibility to teach them about the impact we have on our planet and our environment. There is no better time to teach our children simple measures to reduce our waste. This is at the heart of everything we do at our nursery school. Our aim is to use natural and carefully selected materials for our teaching and learning, reduce consumption, reuse what we can and to recycle the rest. We are working on a programme with Peter Milne in order to be one of the first for nursery schools in Abu Dhabi to be green in terms of reducing water, energy and waste.”

In February, Peter Milne, a leading environment education consultant and international speaker visited Falcon British Nursery in Abu Dhabi. Peter Milne is the founder of ‘Target Green’, a pioneering organisation that aims to enhance environmental education in our schools and build a robust and standardised sustainability programme internationally. Peter speaks to children, staff and parents about how to be more responsible at home and at school. He teaches the children in ways they can relate to. He famously uses two soft toys, a ‘turtle and camel’ to help them understand.

The UAE has one of the highest carbon footprint per capita in the world. As Falcon British Nursery takes its first steps to become an accredited ECO nursery school, we look forward to seeing more schools in Abu Dhabi follow their example and go green.

For further information please contact Falcon British Nursery or Target Green

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