Jeeran slams Minister over co-education views

jeeran slams kuwaiti minister over coeducation views Jeeran slams Minister over co education viewsKuwait: The Ministry of Education is too loaded with complaints and concerns such as low academic quality among the teaching staff, dearth of clear educational goals from the administrative side, appalling outcome of the educational process and the underperformance of some teachers, said MP Dr Abdul Rahman Al-Jeeran. “Some MoE senior officials are not academically specialized,” Jeeran underlined. “Therefore, Minister Bader Al- Essa’s opinion against banning co-education is irrelevant because the educational process must not be subjected to personal opinions and views.” Jeeran also criticized the delay in the new Al-Shadadiya university project, arguing that the delay is caused by conflicting interests of certain VIPs. “They are more concerned with their own personal interests at the expense of education,” he added. “Islamic rules forbid co-education in a way that violates Kuwaiti customs, values and traditions that have already been highlighted in the constitution,” Jeeran stressed.

Web monitoring law Member of the parliamentary Educational Committee MP Humoud Al-Hamdan stressed that there was no such thing as ‘absolute freedom’ and that he himself strongly believe in what he described as ‘responsible freedom’ based on Islamic regulations. Hamdan added that Kuwaitis were innately tolerant and not used to insulting others like what happens these days on social media networks. “This calls for urgently setting special e-publication laws to regulate the process like many countries have already done,” he underlined.

Zour plant complaints MP Abdul Hameed Dashti stressed that the complaint he filed with the public prosecutor about the Northern Zour power plant is not final yet and that he had asked for a meeting with the public prosecutor to have a discussion on it. Notably, Dashti confirmed detecting KD 5 billionworth thefts in the project.

Audit bureau remarks Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammed Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah stressed that the Cabinet’s parliamentary priorities committee had recently finished its 12th meeting and agreed on an agenda for the March 10th parliamentary session. He also stressed that all ministers were ready to respond to the remarks mentioned in the audit bureau’s report.

Hospital denies negligence Jahra Hospital denied allegations of misdiagnoses which could have led to the death of a man that reported to the hospital suffering from a leg injury. The patient was seen at the casualty department to receive urgent treatment after a metal object fell on him. Responding to accusations of negligence, Dr Shehab Al-Mohannadi, the hospital’s manager, stressed that the hospital staff are completely ready to respond to any parliamentary inquiries in this regard, adding that the patient had received proper treatment as per an investigation he made in the hospital. “The health minister has not yet asked for a report on this incident, but we are fully ready for that,” he reiterated, noting that forensic medicine investigations to determine the cause of death were still in progress.

Labor transfer The Manpower Public Authority’s board of directors is due to meet next week to discuss amending the procedures followed on transferring the visas of the laborers who are currently in various government projects to other sponsors.

MEW adds 750 megawatts The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) announced adding new 750 megawatts generated after the expansion projects in Subbiya and Zour plants to the national power grid. In this regard, Eyad Al-Falah, Assistant Undersecretary for Power Plants and Water Distillation Projects at the MEW said that the ministry managed to produce 750 extra megawatts over the past few days even before the expansion projects are underway pending the expected increase in power consumption during the summer. He added that according to plans, the new project would add 1,000 megawatts to the power grid.

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