QPMC motivates students by taking part in QU’s 9th Career Forum

qpmc motivates students by taking part in qu 9th career forum QPMC motivates students by taking part in QUs 9th Career ForumQatar Primary Materials Company (QPMC) Qatar Primary Martials Company (QPMC) is taking part in the Qatar University ‘s 9th Career Forum that is being held in Qatar University from March 09 to March 12.

Qatar Primary Materials Company (QPMC) was established on the instruction of the Qatari Government in 2006 to primarily provide comprehensive solutions for the transport, storage and delivery of key primary materials in Qatar.

At the QU Career Forum, students visiting QPMC’s booth were cordially welcomed by the QPMC HR directorate and were informed about QPMC’s role at the forefront of facilitating the construction development in Qatar and turning the country into a knowledge based one by fulfilling Qatar National Vision 2030.

“The Career Forum at Qatar University is an opportunity for us to meet with the high caliber students at QU and identify their skills with the opportunities we have for them. We offer them various opportunities such as scholarships internships and many more,” said Dr. Latifa Al-Darwish, QPMC Director of Administration

Dr. Al – Darwish continued “We have a special focus on Qatar University as the university produces highly talented students that are contributing to Qatar’s knowledge based society. If you look around, a good number of the leaders in leading companies in Qatar are graduates from Qatar University . This alone is a great incentive for QPMC to participate in The QU Forum. The fresh graduates can undergo for several internships in our company and our recruitment programme helps them adjust from the University life to the career world as we provide them with yearlong training and unlocking their potentials.”

“Our HR values, are commitment, efficiency and accountability. We reciprocate those values. We just don’t expect them to perform, we invest in them. Here is the role of employee relations as they ensure that our employees have a functional environment and that their life among the employees is celebrated which brings the employees together,” she added.

QPMC Senior HR Officer, Amel Ibrahim, pointed out that many young graduates have shown great interest in the organization during the interaction all through the day. She explained “We have seen a lot of interest so far from fresh graduates and undergraduates for jobs and internships. This is very encouraging for us to see that many Qataris are interested in working for QPMC. We wish to thank Qatar University and the external relations office for organizing such a forum. We are proud of this academic institution and we have been very impressed by the students who are eloquent and very much ready for what the future may hold for them.”

Qatar Primary Material Company, Chief Executive Officer Engineer Eisa Al Hammadi said on this occasion, “We take great pride in QPMC’s commitment to the infrastructure development of Qatar and the region. QPMC has been in pioneer in delivering comprehensive solutions for the transport, storage and delivery of key primary materials in Qatar, with a main objective of stabilizing the prices of the primary infrastructure materials and establishing quality standards for aggregates and sand in the long term, in harmony with Qatar National Vision 2030.”

The number of employees that are directly employed by QPMC are 770 and will grow over the decade. QPMC is looking forward to welcome Qatari graduates into its premises and help unlocking their true potentials for excellence and superior results.

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