New ADEC system will give career guidance to students

new adec system will give career guidance to students New ADEC system will give career guidance to studentsAbu Dhabi, UAE: The Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) has introduced a higher education career guidance system designed to help support talent and provide career guidance to students.

Dr Arif Al Hammadi, executive director of the higher education sector for Adec, said that each individual student had potential to excel in a particular area or field, but requiredthe right type of guidance to realise where that potential lay.

“Adec is working closely with different universities, schools and organisations to help explore career interests and occupational options that best suit each individual student.”

Through its partnerships, Adec is supporting Emirati students who wish to continue their studies and career paths related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem).

He said: “Stem-related career opportunities are growing by the day and there are many students who have potential to excel in these subject areas.

“The Abu Dhabi higher education career guidance project sets out to create a comprehensive career guidance strategy and vision for Abu Dhabi higher education system, backed by a team of award-winning, highly credentialed experts in career development, counselling psychology, psychometrics, educational assessment, evaluation and related scientific research and public policy.”

Not only did they find this vital for career choices, but also to retain students in their chosen subject at university.

“The average first-year retention rate among higher education institutes across Abu Dhabi is about 73 per cent [because] students leave, transfer or change their majors during the first year of university.

“The higher education career guidance system, which will not only improve the employment rate among the higher education graduates in alignment with Abu Dhabi 2030 vision, will also help support aspirations and decisions of students about their educational and occupational pathways,” said Dr Al Hammadi.

Engineering student Ahmed Kamel, 20, said: “It’s very confusing to apply for jobs post-grad,” he said.

“In school there wasn’t a strong system, so we really need this support somewhere in this process.”

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