No fee hike for private schools in 2015/2016

no fee hike for private schools in 2015 2016 No fee hike for private schools in 2015/2016Kuwait: All private schools in Kuwait have been warned against collecting fee increases for the 2015/2016 school year. Fahad Al-Ghaiss, acting assistant undersecretary for private education at the Education Ministry, explained that a 3 percent increase approved last year was not collected by all schools due to the lateness of the approval and those schools would be free to add the 3 percent fee hike. Ghaiss also noted that schools would likely receive approval to hike fees again in 2016/2017. Ghaiss said that private school teachers’ salary hikes were suspended because they cannot be paid unless the tuition fees were increased. “I am not defending private schools here but only being fair,” he underlined.

Second session
Meanwhile, Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Bader Al-Essa made a decision that could help eliminate the controversy surrounding the second session final exams. The new decision requires including topics taught in the second semester only in the second session finals. The second session exams are tests taken by students who fail a maximum of three subjects in the final, effectively giving them a second change to pass. According to a decision circulated to all concerned MOE departments, students who had been regularly attending school since the beginning of the school year will have the opportunity to be examined in the third and fourth period topics whereas those who miss the fourth period exams would be tested in the whole curriculum. The ministry also set May 7th as the end of classes at public schools this year.

Contracts terminated
The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) recently announced terminating the contracts of two companies for violating the terms of the contracts. One of the companies is specialized in checking meters and calculating consumption, while the other is specialized in connecting and disconnecting the current. The ministry announced that the contracts would be given to other companies according to standard rules and procedures.

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