Dunia launches aed 50,0 scholarship program for 2 outstanding Emirati students

dunia finance sponsors scholarship program for 2 outstanding emirati students Dunia launches aed 50,0 scholarship program for 2 outstanding Emirati studentsDunia Finance, a leading UAE based financial services provider, announced the launch of a pioneering new program; ‘The dunia Emirati Leaders Scholarship Program’ to help develop Emirati talent into the business leaders of tomorrow.

The latest Emirati-focused program represents a further commitment by dunia to empower and enable local talent through education and employment opportunities.The program is open to all Emirati students who are currently enrolled in 3rd or 4th year of University, a Master’s or PhD course within the UAE or overseas.

The scholarship, which will be offered to two outstanding Emirati students – one male and one female – covers tuition fees for the duration of their courses up to a maximum of AED 250,000* from the date of the scholarship grant until completion of the educational program. The students will also receive a stipend of AED 3,000 per month during the course of their studies.Upon graduation, the two successful candidates will also be offered a full time role with dunia for a minimum of two years.

The scholarship follows dunia’s announcement earlier in April that it has launched a new Young Leaders Scholarship Program, with up to AED 400,000 spread across the 20 scholarshipsavailable.

Education and continual learning is one of the four key pillars of dunia’s corporate social responsibility platform – dunia Cares – under which it is able to further a range of causes that seek to empower people, enrich lives and enable success. Since inception, the company introduced the “Kawader dunia” program,an innovative learn and earn initiative aimed at developing Emirati talent – be it full time senior leadership roles, part time roles or entry level roles for fresh graduates. This programoffers Emiratis the opportunity to learn, work and advance their careers through the use of the best educational tools, training programs and development schemes.

Dunia continuously engages with leading universities, whether for hiring future young leadership talent, as well as for the continuous development of its own employees through executive development programs at leading international universities. In light of this, dunia recently nominated 3 ambitious Emirati studentsfor an MBA program in top international universities. The development of UAE talent remains a top priority for dunia.

Commenting, Rajeev Kakar, Managing Director & CEO of Dunia, said:

“We are proud to announce this fantastic scholarship program, specifically tailored towards the Emirati community.We hope it will help encourage more peopleto pursue further education, develop their leadership skills, and play an active part in growing the UAE economy. Through scholarships like this and close cooperation with universities and other stakeholders, we aim to empower our local talent to be the future leaders of tomorrow.

“People are the driving force behind any business so investing in their educational advancement and future working careers is imperative. Dunia is committed to sustainable, successful employment for UAE nationals, and our strategy reflects a patient and long-term approach to human-capital development. This is an approach focused not just on quantity but more importantly on quality.”

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