“American Pathways: A Passport to an Affordable Degree in the US” Launches in the UAE

american pathways a passport to an affordable degree in the us launches in the uae “American Pathways: A Passport to an Affordable Degree in the US” Launches in the UAEDubai, UAE: The GCC’s leading independent US educational consultancy, Carian College Advisors, in collaboration with American College of Dubai (ACD), has created a pathways program to give students throughout the region an opportunity to study in the US at a lower cost. By combining their expertise in US higher education, American Pathways provides students with an affordable, comprehensive, and personalized alternative to a four-year degree offered by American universities in the UAE. Through American Pathways, students achieve their goal of earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in the US. Students begin their higher education journey at ACD, where they earn transferable credits for the duration of one to two academic years (depending on desired major and price sensitivity), and ultimately complete their studies in the US at an accredited university of their choice. Throughout the process, Carian College Advisors offers American Pathways students tailor-made and comprehensive application strategy and guidance and empowers students to achieve their goals.

“American Pathways is designed for students who aspire to earn a bachelor’s degree from a university in the US but do not have the financial means, academic credentials, or knowledge to do so independently,” Carian College Advisors’ Managing Director, Peter Davos, states. “It offers students a unique opportunity to earn a degree from a US university while mitigating costs and providing a smoother transition from the UAE to the US.”

“For many students and families across the region, studying in the US is just a pipe dream, unachievable due to high costs and unpreparedness for the rigor of college-level courses at US universities,” explains Carian College Advisors’ Head of College Counseling Maia Bulbul. “That’s where American Pathways comes in. This program empowers students with realistic means to creating brighter futures for themselves and their families.”

The American Pathways program helps students realize their dreams of successfully earning a bachelor’s degree from a US university at a fraction of the cost.

About Carian College Advisors

Carian College Advisors is an independent educational consultancy based in Dubai, UAE that helps Emirati and expatriate students research, study, and apply to US universities. With a focus on counseling college-bound international students, Carian College Advisors is dedicated to creating and implementing a personalized preparation, selection, and admissions plan that will yield success. Through our collective experience, individualized approach, and dedication to our clients, we ensure that each student is given the best possible advice and each parent is given the proper peace of mind in pursuing college selection and admission. We specialize in assisting students interested in pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States. Carian College Advisors will guide you through the college admissions process, from inception to matriculation, in order to ensure that you will excel as an applicant, as well as a student.

About American College of Dubai

ACD is a private educational institution whose mission is to provide its students with the intellectual and social foundations necessary to prepare them to lead fulfilling lives as competent, committed, and compassionate members of a global society. Utilizing well-equipped facilities and small class sizes, ACD focuses on delivering engaging instruction in an environment that fosters critical thinking and career preparation. ACD seeks to provide a quality and affordable education that enables students to immerse themselves in a US-style higher educational system. Specifically, its programs include the broad-based General Education Requirements characteristic of the US educational system with an emphasis on widening the perspective of the educated individual. Transfer-oriented students completing these initial requirements are assisted in transferring their “credits” toward the completion of a degree at universities in the US.

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