Choosing the right tutor can be as easy as ABC

sylvan learning dubai uae Choosing the right tutor can be as easy as ABCWhile surfing Expat Woman, the community boards at your local market, Dubizzle or Google, you will find no shortage of learning centers, institutes and individuals offering to provide tutoring (tuition) to children in everything from Arabic to English to Math and Science.

Before entrusting your child’s academic future to someone, it is important to ensure the tutor you are considering is best qualified and will personalize the tutoring to fit your child’s individual needs.

Sylvan Learning, America’s leading provider of learning support to students of all ages and skill levels offers seven easy tips for parents to consider when choosing a tutor.

1. Make sure the instructor is licensed or certified. Teachers will need the proper qualifications to assess, diagnose and tutor to a child’s weaknesses and strengths. In Dubai, KHDA approval ensures accountability. In Abu Dhabi the tutor should be licensed by ACTVET. You will also avoid the potential legal problems that may arise from hiring unlicensed private tutors.

2. Look for an instructor with experience teaching children the same age as your child. A former college English professor may not have the tools to manage a 6 or 7 year old. Likewise, a Nursery School teacher may struggle establishing rapport and responding to the needs of a high school student.

3. Request an assessment. An individual analysis of a student’s strengths and weaknesses can determine a child’s unique needs and help set goals. The assessment should be a world recognized test with benchmarks and standards. Also insist on progress updates as your child passes through each step of the learning process.

4. Define your goals. Are you trying to keep your child from failing? Are you looking to challenge a child who is already doing well in school? Are you looking to strengthen your child’s foundation by teaching previously missed skills? Be sure your child’s instructor understands your objectives and is skilled enough to meet them.

5. Find and instructor with specific expertise in the subject of your choosing. Just because someone is a math genius, does not mean he is qualified to teach other subjects.

6. Ask the tutor how they will help your child master a specific skill. A good instructor will require that a child learns a specific skill before advancing to the next academic level. Find a teacher who will work with parents and teachers to create and individual program.

7. Ask prospective instructors for references and testimonials from previous employers. Working with a reputable company or individual will provide you the reassurance that your investment of time and finances is well spent.

8. Make sure the lesson materials meet international standards and are aligned to the curriculum and standards of your child’s school. Many private tutors have been found to use poor computer software and outdated lesson books. This could further confuse a struggling child.

For more information about tutoring or to schedule a FREE consultation, please contact Sylvan Learning at 04 434 5400 or visit us online at

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