Around 33,000 students sit for final exams

around 33000 students sit for final exams Around 33,000 students sit for final examsDubai, UAE: While the majority of students across the UAE have started their summer vacation, around 33,000 students are still taking their final examination during Ramadan.

The Ministry of Education announced earlier this week that a total of 33,539 grade 12 students sat for the first day of exams on Sunday.

Students in the science stream will finish their exams on June 30 while students studying in the arts stream will finish on July 2.

The students’ examinations are taking place during the month of Ramadan, which some students say is challenging.

“Having to study while fasting has been tough but I think my grades are going to be higher because of Ramadan. There are fewer distractions, no breakfasts or lunches and so no outings with friends,” said Emirati grade 12 student Ahmad Shaikh.

Only Emiratis — with a few exceptions — can enrol in public schools and since all Emiratis are Muslims, all 33,539 students will be fasting during the examination period.

Student Asma Salem said she did not face any problem sitting for exams while fasting.

“I think those complaining that they have exams during Ramadan are whiners. We are sitting in the AC and studying, we are not running around and doing tough labour. So far it has been easy for me to study while fasting,” she said.

Noora Mohammad agreed with Asma saying: “We are 17 and 18 so I think we can cope with fasting and studying. What I do is have a good suhour so the first hours during the day I do not feel hungry and that is when I do all my studying,” she said.

Most schools have already ended their 2014-15 academic year and will return on August 30 to start the 2015-16 academic year in accordance with the academic calendars adopted by the UAE Cabinet in February.

The Cabinet-approved calendars are followed by the majority of schools across the country, except for Indian schools, which will start the second term of the academic year on August 30.

While the cabinet has scheduled the start of school for students on August 30, staff will return to work one week earlier.

According to the calendar, the total number of school days in the next academic year is set at 175, a reduction from the current 189. This will mean that the students will get 14 extra holidays.

The winter break will last for three weeks, and the Spring break will be two weeks long. The school year will end on June 23, 2016, for students and July 5 for staff.

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