400 UAE students to visit ‘smart cities’ in US, Britain and Switzerland

400 uae students to visit smart cities in us britain and switzerland 400 UAE students to visit smart cities in US, Britain and SwitzerlandUAE: A delegation of 400 outstanding UAE students from public schools will be sent on an educational field trip to pioneering ‘smart cities’ and distinguished scientific institutions in the United States, Britain and Switzerland in the coming summer. Several other batches will also be sent to explore prestigious academic and scientific institutions within the UAE. These programs are in line with a series of training camps and scientific field trips organized by the Ministry of Education (MoE) in support of the wise leadership of the UAE’s aim to encourage students to join programs that enhance their creative and innovative faculties.

The scientific camps and trips will be carried out throughout the summer holiday and are designed to engage UAE students in various advanced scientific disciplines to get a better sense of modern advancements in society and familiarize themselves with the best applications of prestigious institutions in the UAE and beyond. The camps also aim to pique the curiosity of students and encourage a desire to explore and innovate.

The Ministry aims to deploy the training camps in a sophisticated and innovative manner in order to effectively create a contemporary generation of students that are equipped with the necessary knowledge and values that will help them adapt and respond to dynamic international trends and developments. The camps are an integral component of the Ministry’s initiative to enhance students’ skills and personalities through proper education on job specifications within the scientific field which is crucial to ensuring the sustainable development of the UAE.

The training camps aim to cultivate scientific, practical and cultural knowledge within students and provide them with the necessary skills and tools that will complement the curricula and promote creativity and innovation. They will also provide students with the opportunity to enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving techniques and introduce modern models of general, vocational and technical education.

During the scientific field trips and the international camps, the UAE students will be undergoing training activities similar to the tasks assigned to leading specialists in these prestigious institutions within the three designated countries throughout the summer. The students will also be participating in the production stages of major IT companies to get a comprehensive overview of daily work requirements and the latest developments within the ICT industry as well as the essential the elements of Smart Education. These are all included to complement the camp series organized by the Ministry in line with its strategic partners.

H.E. Hussain Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, said that the Ministry is dedicated to preparing UAE students for a good future. He also said that they are committed to inculcating strong values of citizenship and academic excellence among Emirati graduates along with other practical skills that will enable them to positively contribute to society and help the country realize the objectives of the National Agenda as part of UAE Vision 2021.

Al Hammadi emphasized that UAE students possess the drive to explore and reap the benefits of their individual talents. He also pointed out that the Ministry is working towards providing a conducive environment within its academic institutions through practical training which has garnered strong positive response from students and has drawn the enthusiastic cooperation of relevant national institutions.

H.E. Amal Al Kous, Assistant Undersecretary for the School Environment and Activities Sector, Ministry of Education, also highlighted that there are a special set of initiatives for the school community especially designed to promote creativity, innovation and excellence by linking the students’ scientific progress with various knowledge platforms, practical applications and modern advancements in society today in order to create a ground-breaking and versatile student body.

Al Kous explained that the Ministry will continue providing school communities with programs and activities that stimulate creativity, such as contests, scientific and cultural competitions, camps and practical training programs. She also said that the Ministry will continue relating educational concepts with daily routines to enforce new skills in the early stages of student life, thereby developing a generation that will serve and contribute to society’s prosperity and progress, one which is constantly updated on the latest scientific progress as well.

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