Education minister denies school reopening delay

education minister denies school reopening delay Education minister denies school reopening delayRiyadh, Saudi Arabia: Education Minister Azzam Al-Dakhil has denied rumors that schools will reopen after Haj or Eid Al-Adha.

The minister’s comment came on his official Twitter account on Tuesday.

The minister’s clarification rules out any ambiguity about the academic calendar. Schools will open before Haj as scheduled.

Meanwhile, Al-Dakhil is scheduled to meet department heads and managers on Wednesday to discuss issues pertaining to resuming of classes in schools this year, an online news quoted sources as saying.

“Among the topics on the agenda are the perspectives on the start of the new academic year and the consequent integration of views among the department heads and managers,” the sources said.

The school year in the Kingdom starts any time from end-August to end-September and finishes between the middle and end of June. Dates differ between public and private schools but all have a long summer break.

The year contains either two terms (including state schools) or three terms, depending upon schools.

The sources claimed that calls for postponing the start of classes and justifications are being looked at by government officials who will resume work after the Eid Al-Fitr holidays.

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