Keeping tradition alive through children

keeping tradition alive through children Keeping tradition alive through childrenAbu Dhabi, UAE: Families with children can take part in fun-filled activities while appreciating the heritage of the UAE at the annual Liwa Date Festival.

The Children’s Village is set up with events to keep youngsters busy. The fun revolves around creativity through modelling workshops, colouring and a competition, all alluding to Emirati heritage and culture.

According to Khalid Obaid, 23, a volunteer, the modelling and colouring stations have been introduced this year, as an alternative way to engage the kids.

Three tables are spread out across the area with children scattered across them playing with pieces of clay and paper. Pictures of traditional coffee pots, palm trees and dates are scrolled across the bottom half of the walls for them to draw.

“The drawing area reflects the tradition of the UAE, there are pictures of forts, dates and Arabian coffee. The children have to try to draw the pictures and use the appropriate colours,” Obaid told Gulf News.

These stations have the youngsters model and draw farms, houses and palm trees. The activities are all supervised under volunteers. However, parents are encouraged to sit and work with their kids to share the experience, Obaid revealed.

When speaking to Gulf News about the competition, the participants answer different questions about the country such as when National Day takes place. The initiative promotes entertainment and knowledge, encouraging the youth to remember their history and culture.

“I won two coupons last year, each worth Dh100. While I am here I like to spend time with children who are close to my age and draw, I still do want to win this year too,” said Mohammad Ragab, an eight year old who comes to The Children’s Village every year.

Mohammad is from Madinat Zayed and takes part in other activities offered as well. He satisfies his love for drawing and usually draws pictures of palm trees and dates to shed light on his country’s culture, he told Gulf News.

Considering it was the first day of the traditional festivities, there were roughly 40 children at the event, said Qais Al Hammadi, the event organiser.

“Anyone can come here [The Children’s Village] to enjoy the place and relax,” Al Hammadi added.

Approximately 200 to 300 children are expected daily as The Children’s Village is open from 4pm till 10pm. The hours correspond with the timings of the Liwa Date Festival.

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