Keeping children busy this summer

keeping children busy this summer Keeping children busy this summerAbu Dhabi, UAE: Children have been given the chance to spend their time in a more efficient way this summer.

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) started its Sayfuna Mumayaz 2015 Programme yesterday (27 July).

‘More Entertainment, More Knowledge’ is the mission of the initiative. The activities tailored for the kids this summer include swimming, creative writing, jiu jitsu and much more, according to Adec.

Activities have already started at community centres, malls, swimming pools, sports clubs and universities across the emirate.

“Sayfuna Mumayaz aims to invest in the energies and talents of students and provide them with knowledge and skills during a key period of the year, which is the summer holidays,” Adec said in a statement.

Adec stated that this year’s programme includes six different supervised activities. These consist of an English Creative Writing Competition, Innovation Journey, Mathletics, Make Your Own Video, Injaz, Arts Island, Cooking, and Community Centre, in addition to swimming pool activities, jiu jitsu and the Real Madrid Champions Competition.

Events that can be found in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region are cooking for female students and Art Island tailored to kindergarten pupils. The locations for these events are Yas Mall, Bawabat Al Sharq Mall in the capital, Al-Ain Mall in Al Ain and City Mall in Western Region.

The maths and science programme where children in grades four to nine can assemble a robot, is called ‘The Innovation Journey’, and is available in these three areas of the emirate as well.

An online maths competition is being held for young students in cycles two and three. For those interested in creative writing, a contest will also be taking place for the same age group.

Community Centre activities will be conducted in the Mubarak Bin Mohammad School, Abu Dhabi and at the Al Jahili School, Al Ain.

Football loving Emirati students between the ages of 11-15 can enjoy games organised by the Real Madrid Academy in Abu Dhabi city and Al Ain.

Adec swimming facilities will implement water activities. Moreover, jiu jitsu will be held for students in cycles two and three at Al Nahyania School for boys in Abu Dhabi, Al Muraijib School for girls in Al Ain and the Western Region School and Qatr Al Nada School in the Western Region, the Council stated.

For young adults in grades eight to 11, ICT and IELTS preparation courses will be offered as well as Future Leaders and Innovation courses and Social Media and Digital Information courses.

Lastly, for those inclined to learn more about video editing, ‘Our homeland in Our Eyes’ allows students in cycles two and three to make their own videos using Youtube and Instagram.

The eight-day initiatives have officially started with programmes across Abu Dhabi emirate and will continue until August 18.

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