More Emiratis than ever enrolled in higher education

more emiratis than ever enrolled in higher education More Emiratis than ever enrolled in higher educationAbu Dhabi, UAE: The number of Emirati citizens in higher education continues to increase, according to figures from the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi.

Enrolment in higher education increased by 48.6 per cent between 2008 and last year. Higher-education graduates increased to 10,921 in 2013-2014, up 166.9 per cent compared with the 2008-2009.

“It’s clear we have a national population that is moving – growing and striving to be educated, to prove themselves and reach higher standards,” said Dr Rima Sabban, an associate professor of sociology at Zayed University.

“The system encourages Emiratis to acquire higher education and there is an awareness among Emiratis that you cannot be somebody and reach anywhere if you don’t have a good education – a minimum is a college degree nowadays,” Dr Sabban said.

Emiratis were also feeling the challenge of the workplace to be their best, Dr Sabban said.

“There is a growing number of students who want to excel worldwide. They don’t want to excel among Arabs only any more.”

Dr Jane Bristol-Rhys, an associate professor of anthropology at Zayed University said: “The report isn’t a surprise because our university has been on the front line of the boom in higher education for several years.

“Already our new Abu Dhabi campus is feeling small and we are close to our maximum number of female students. This is good news because the UAE values education.”

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