Schedule of tests for new academic year announced

schedule of tests for academic year announced Schedule of tests for new academic year announcedRiyadh, Saudi Arabia: The National Center for Assessment in Higher Education (Qiyas) has announced the dates of tests for male and female students for the new academic year.

Ibrahim Rasheed, director for public relations and communications, said the center has completed the preparation of the examination paper for academic year 1437-1438.

He added that the center has also specified the types of tests and dates of registration period, adding that it took into account holidays and feasts.

The center offers tests for a number of government agencies such as the Education Ministry, Civil Service and the King Abdul Aziz and his Companions Foundation for the Gifted and Creativity (Mawhiba).

The center offers a range of tests including the educational progress of student applicants to universities such as occupational tests.

He noted that the center provides an opportunity to perform tests via computer through permanent offices spread over cities in the Kingdom, including the headquarters in the Saudi capital, Effat University in Jeddah , King Saud University, King Abdulaziz University, Madinah University, King Faisal University, University of Tabuk, among others.

He stressed that the center is keen to meet the needs of students outside the Kingdom and allows testing for them in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom , Australia, and Turkey.

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