President Michel commends UAE for supporting education sector in Seychelles

President Michel commends UAE for supporting education sector in SeychellesPresident James Michel of Seychelles has praised the UAE government for its support of the education sector in his country.

“The friendly nation of the UAE has contributed to the construction of many schools, kindergartens and scientific libraries to support this sector which is essential for the future of the nation,” said President Michel in a statement released on the occasion of his country’s 11 year celebrations of implementing a compulsory education law.

He said that implementing the law had a spectacular effect on reducing the number of school dropouts, opened up educational opportunities to the people of Seychelles which in turn helped them adapt a decent lifestyle and gain better opportunities.

“Seychelles is considered a top African community when it comes to education, the entire population are entitled to pursue their education, hence, everyone has a proper life today and is fairly connected to the world, which in turn promotes the image of our beloved country worldwide,” the president said.

He noted that the government has provided over the past eleven years, all the right conditions to help families in remote areas to send their children to schools and continue their education.

“Investment in education is an investment in the future, ensuring the education of our youngsters is a vertical backbone of the development process in our country, in addition to progress and prosperity. Without education we will reach nothing,” stressed Mr. Michel.

He pointed out that despite the decline in financial and economic resources over the past years, the government applied a compulsory education law, as they highly believed that education is a right for every citizen in Seychelles, and should be provided free of charge for everyone. “It is mandatory for each citizen aged six years, to follow their educational until high school,” he explained.

President Michel went on to say that the move, which entered its 11th consecutive year, has contributed to the reduction of illiteracy and ignorance, raised the number of graduates from all schools, colleges and universities, therefore qualified workforce was created to fill in vital sectors such as tourism, services and manufacturing, technical and planning.

The president also vowed that his government will never stop building more schools, colleges and universities, and will also sponsor many students to study abroad.

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First lot of hybrid tram for Education city on its way to Qatar

First lot of hybrid tram for Education city on its way to QatarDoha, Qatar: The first lot of hybrid tram for Education City is on its way from Bremerhaven (a port city in Germany) to Qatar, German engineering giant Siemens has announced.

Nineteen Avenio trams is scheduled to run from 2016 on 11.5 kilometers of track without any overhead contact lines.

The system will be installed on the university campus and serve 25 stations.

The trams will be equipped with the Sitras HES energy storage system from Siemens, with energy being supplied at the tram stops.

The first hybrid tram for Doha has been put through its paces during the last few weeks in the Siemens Wegberg-Wildenrath Test Center; Germany.

The ferry “Paglia” will be transporting the 3-car tram, with an overall length of 27.7 meters, across the North Sea to the port of Doha. The journey of the first tram to Doha will be some 12,255 kilometers and 4 weeks long.

Siemens will supply 19 three-car trams, with each tram capable of accommodating up to 239 passengers.

The low-floor technology and ergonomic design provide a high level of comfort for the passengers. In addition, the energy storage system for optimized energy consumption and the catenary-free operation make the Avenio a role model for sustainable, rail-based mass transit.

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Buzz Aldrin in Dubai on charity globetrotting

Buzz Aldrin in Dubai on charity globetrottingDubai, UAE: When American astronaut Buzz Aldrin first beheld the still beauty of the moon up close and personal on July 21, 1969 he uttered only two words: “Magnificent desolation.”

Only the second man to walk on the moon and lunar module pilot of the Apollo 11 mission, when Aldrin landed in Dubai on Thursday as part of a worldwide charity flight, he had two words to describe the ambitious emirate: “Dreamy boldness”.

En route from Saudi Arabia to India, Aldrin is co-piloting the Think Global Flight alongside project founder Captain Judith A. Rice and stopped in Dubai on their latest round-the-world flight aimed at educating 20,000 students in 35 countries about aviation, science, technology and engineering.

Aldrin attended a briefing at Intercontinental Dubai Marina where he lauded the UAE for dreaming big and following those dreams, noting the March announcement to create a national space agency and send a probe to Mars were courageous.

As many as 75 scientists and engineers in the UAE are working to help the country become the first in the Arab world to reach Mars with an unmanned space probe.

Aldrin suggested the UAE could do a trial run with a smaller probe to the moon to learn more about space travel ahead of its mars probe which is expected to complete the 60-million kilometre journey by 2021.

“It is very ambitious, the accumulation of knowledge that is going on here,” Aldrin said.

Captain Rice said Aldrin is a key ambassador of her Think Global Flight and represents the mantra that big dreams can be successful with perseverance, citing Aldrin’s remarkable career as a former fighter pilot who fought in the Korean War before earning his doctorate degree from MIT and joining NASA’s first moon-landing flight.

Noting that no dream is beyond our grasp, Rice said “the message is that you can do it.”

Rice said her mission is to help make more children around the globe, especially minorities and young women, become interested in aviation and aerospace.

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KSA suspends scholarships at 4 Jordanian universities

ksa suspends scholarships at 4 jordanian universities KSA suspends scholarships at 4 Jordanian universitiesAmman, Jordan: The Saudi higher education ministry has decided not to send students on scholarships to four Jordanian universities as of the upcoming academic year.

Saudi Arabia’s cultural mission in Amman addressed the Higher Education Ministry stating that it will stop sending its nationals to the University of Jordan (UJ), the Jordan University of Science and Technology, Yarmouk University and Balqa Applied University.

In its official letter, a copy of which was made available to The Jordan Times, the Saudi mission said this decision was taken due to the high number of Saudi students already enrolled at these universities.

This was also confirmed by a mission official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“The decision was made by the Saudi ministry and it will start as of the 2015-2016 scholastic year,” the official said, without elaborating on whether this decision will be reconsidered next year.

According to figures posted on the Higher Education Ministry’s website, Saudi students make up the largest number of Gulf Arab students at Jordanian universities.

According to the latest available figures, which are for the 2012-2013 academic year, 2,826 Saudis were enrolled in the Kingdom’s universities, followed by Omani students (1,029) and Bahraini students (678).

Ministry officials were not available for comment despite several attempts by The Jordan Times to obtain more recent figures.

However, at UJ alone, there are currently 445 Saudi students, 397 from Kuwait, 145 from Bahrain, 22 from Oman, 16 from Qatar and 13 from the UAE, according to University of Jordan President Ekhleif Tarawneh.

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Sylvan Learning to Provide Free Seminar and Practice SAT Test at UAE Schools

sylvan learning dubai uae Sylvan Learning to Provide Free Seminar and Practice SAT Test at UAE SchoolsDubai, UAE: Sylvan Learning, America’s #1 provider of tutoring and supplemental education services has launched a campaign in the UAE to help students get qualified for the college or university of their choice.

“Reduce the Stress: Ace the Test Day” aims to help students, schools and families understand how to properly prepare for college admissions amid increased competition. The seminar lasts about 30 minutes followed by a question and answer session with a representative of Sylvan Learning. Prior to the seminar, students will write a full version of the SAT Exam. The idea is to allow students to the opportunity to know what the exam will feel like before they write the one that actual exam.

Sylvan Learning of Abu Dhabi:
Saturday August 15

  • 8:00am-12:30pm – SAT Diagnostic Test
  • 12:30pm-1:00pm – Pizza Reception (Parents Arrive)
  • 1:30pm-2::30 – College Admissions Presentation


Sylvan Learning of Al Barsha:
Saturday August 22

  • 8:00am-12:30pm – SAT Diagnostic Test
  • 12:30pm-1:00pm – Pizza Reception (Parents Arrive)
  • 1:30pm-2::30 – College Admissions Presentation

“As SAT scores continue to play an important role in an applicant’s ultimate college acceptance, students are still looking for a competitive edge by achieving the highest score possible. Sylvan Learning has led the effort to help students increase their SAT scores for over 15 years. In fact, a majority of students in the Sylvan SAT Prep program increase their SAT scores by an average of 200 points or more” says Dr. Semhar Gebre, Center Director of Sylvan Learning in Al Barsha.

“It is important to note that Sylvan has been helping students of all ages develop skills and confidence since 1979. We are so much more than a test prep center. Our vast resources allow us to help students well beyond preparation for a test. I encourage the parent of any student to contact us. We can offer a free consultation and start your child on their path to college admissions success as early as grade 7.” added Jeffrey Smith, Chief Operations Officer for Sylvan Learning in the GCC Region.

If your school is interested in partnering with Sylvan Learning Center to give your students the winning edge on the SAT, please contact us. Participation is absolutely free and without obligation.

For more information:
Dr. Semhar Gebre-Director, Sylvan of Al Barsha– 04 434 5401
Layal El Halwani – Regional Enrollment Coordinator– 04 434 5400
Jeffrey Smith – COO, Sylvan Learning GCC Region – 04 434 5407

About Sylvan Learning, Inc.
Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of tutoring supplemental education to students of all ages, grades and skill levels with nearly 35 years of experience and nearly 800 centers located throughout the United States, Canada and the Gulf. Sylvan’s proven process and personalized methods have inspired more than 2 million students to discover the joy of learning. Sylvan’s trained and certified personal instructors provide individual instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills and test-prep for college entrance exams.

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Dubai Customs Summer Training Programmes 2015 kicks off

dubai customs summer training programmes 2015 kicks off Dubai Customs Summer Training Programmes 2015 kicks offDubai, UAE: Dubai Customs has launched its Summer Training Programme 2015 under the theme “Our Summer is Innovation”, which will run until the 13th of August.

The 3-week internship programme has received 44 university and high school students. They will have a chance to hone their skills through innovative methods and gain first-hand practical experience that qualifies them to be as competent and competitive as the modern professional working environment requires.

Dubai Customs has carefully chosen the theme of this year’s summer training programme, so that it can reflect the wise leadership’s vision of creating an environment conducive to innovation that would drive the UAE towards number one position worldwide in this area.

Buti Abdullah Al Jumairy, Dubai Customs Executive Director for Human Resources, Finance and Administration, said, that DC is always keen to train Emirati students on the various aptitudes that will increase their employment opportunities in the future.

“Our summer training programmes are mostly focused towards building the capacities of participants to be psychologically and professionally capable of assuming work responsibilities,” he said.

Al Jumairy further pointed out, “At Dubai Customs , we take our obligation to develop local talents very seriously and our summer internship program is a good opportunity to prepare students for their professional careers by providing such hands-on training in a real-life environment to enhance their educational achievements.” Throughout the summer training period, Dubai Customs Training Center organizes a number of introductory sessions on the nature of work at DC and its role in protecting society and sustaining national economic development. The trainees also attend workshops geared to develop their sense of innovation and creativity and increase their self-esteem.

Dubai Customs annually receives dozens of students from different UAE academic institutions to work under the supervision of DC’s experienced staff with the aim of equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, getting them amply ready for the job market.

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Call for college in UAE affiliated to Al Azhar

call for college in uae affiliated to al azhar Call for college in UAE affiliated to Al AzharGrand Imam of Egypt’s Al Azhar Mosque, Sheikh Ahmad Al Tayeb, has called for setting up a college of learning affiliated to Al Azhar University in the UAE.

He said this as the UAE signed a delivery protocol with the university for UAE-funded projects that include a residential unit for female students and a state-of-the-art library. Dr Sultan bin Ahmed Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State and Chairman of the Coordination Office of the UAE-funded Development Projects in Egypt, signed the protocol on behalf of the UAE on Wednesday.

Sheikh Al Tayeb called for creating a new thought of Islam that is based on the moderate teachings of Islam.

“We have introduced Islamic culture as a subject that debunks the message propagated by terrorists.

“We have two million graduates every year as well as a UAE-sponsored Muslim panel. We have undertaken 11 missions carrying the Islamic message of peace.

“Today, we are passing through an anarchic phase … and we are planning to open branches of Al Azhar University abroad to fight terror … I urge ministers of education to chalk out plans in this regard.”

The UAE has been funding and supervising several projects at Al Azhar University in Cairo. This is in line with the foundations laid by the late Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, which led to the establishment of the Shaikh Zayed Centre for Arabic at the university, in which more than 1,200 students from 102 countries study.

The UAE-funded projects at Al Azhar include setting up a hi-tech library linking Al Azhar University with the world online; building four residential buildings for students; providing 81 residential units for the expatriate students; and setting up Al Azhar Islamic Unit Institute, which can accommodate 1,500 students. The library will be built on a total area of 14,000 square metres.

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I-Tech – Oman Innovation and Technology Exhibition

I-Tech – Oman’s Innovation and Technology Exhibition is a premier most anticipated and must attend event showcasing the latest ICT products and services, hi-tech gadgets, consumer electronics and cutting edge smart technology across all sectors, with unique launches, exciting interactive features and innovative solutions by top developers, manufacturers, retailers and global brands.

A young population in Oman and the Middle East Region, complemented by dynamic economic and mega development projects in the pipeline, creates a gateway for next generation technology, strong market potential, inroads to strategic investments and untapped business opportunities to capitalize upon.

I-Tech is a B2B and B2C Exhibition which will bring local, regional and global industry experts and professionals together, showcasing emerging technology, breakthrough products and services for transformational development and to meet challenges of the market, combining a broad range of technological solutions in different fields from office automation to data storage, software, cyber
security, information and communications technology, e-business and much more. This is an ideal platform for Exhibitors to increase their brand exposure and establish their share in a lucrative market.

The Exhibition will bring visitors who are key decision makers, high profile government officials, corporates, business leaders from MNCs and SMEs, investors, tech thinkers and dreamers alike, making it a definitive networking platform, where new projects and partnerships are initiated and visionary objectives are implemented. The Visitors will also get the opportunity to learn and update
their knowledge, identify and implement advanced global trendsetting and efficient solutions to optimize their business.

I-Tech Expo is specially designed to provide maximum opportunities to the stake holders – sponsors, exhibitors and visitors at this premium event which is pegged to other top technology exhibitions taking place in the MENA region.

The main objective of the Exhibition is to create awareness and promote new technologies, integrate future technologies, connect exhibitors to their target audience, collaborate in business partnerships and aspire to further development.

10:00AM to 01:00PM
05:00PM to 09:00PM

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Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government hosts first MPA Poster Presentation

mohammed bin rashid school of government hosts first mpa poster presentation Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government hosts first MPA Poster PresentationDubai, UAE: The Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG), a research and teaching institution focusing on public policy in the Arab world, today hosted its first exhibition on scientific research for the current batch of students enrolled into its Master of Public Administration (MPA) programme.

Titled MPA Poster Presentation, the event saw a total of 41 MPA students presenting their research projects and providing information on the progress they have achieved to date.

Participants received initial evaluation through profound discussions of their research projects with the judging panel, which included Professor Wil Williams, Commissioner Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), Professor Raed Awamleh, Dean of Mohammad Bin Rashid School of Government, and Professor Rhys Rowland, Director of Academic Affairs – MBRSG.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr Ali Seba Al Marri, Executive President, MBRSG, said: “Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government places special focus on scientific research for their crucial role in enhancing the academic landscape as well as the public policy domain. This event articulates the school’s tradition of providing students with the necessary skills to conduct effective researches in compliance with the highest academic standards.” He added: “We provide our students with direction and support to help them achieve their capacity regardless of their professional background. After graduation, our students are well equipped to implement best practices in public sector organizations. The courses that we offer at MBSRG are in line with the objectives outlined in the UAE Vision 2021, which aims to build the capacity of UAE nationals through honing their innovative skills, while enhancing their engagement and integration into various sectors of the economy.” MPA students from various governmental departments in the UAE commended the vital role of the school and its faculty for their support in providing them with promising potential for a bright career.

Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government is committed to promoting good governance through enhancing the region?s capacity for effective public policy. The school uses a four-pronged approach, which includes applied research in public policy and management, academic programs in public policy and administration, executive education programs and knowledge forums for scholars and policy makers.

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MoE organizes introductory meeting on foreign program for students

moe organizes introductory meeting on foreign program for students MoE organizes introductory meeting on foreign program for studentsUAE: The UAE Ministry of Education has announced that the second batch of 100 elite citizen students has left for Ireland on August 2, 2015 to engage in the qualitative practical training camp and program. The program aims to give students practical, scientific and life skills in some of the finest smart cities and best international scientific and industrial institutions. The move complements the Ministry’s plan to send over 400 male and female students to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland, and Singapore.

Last week, the Ministry of Education organized an introductory session at the Activities Building’s Theater in the Ministry’s office. Senior officials from the Ministry met students who have received the scholarship in order to explain the program and its objectives as well as answer questions and clarify doubts from students and their parents.

The meeting was attended by 100 boys and girls along with the supervisors who will accompany them to Ireland along with the representative of the authority in charge of the program. The students were divided into three travel groups, with the first leaving on Monday, August 2, 2015, and the other two departing this week.

Her Excellency Amal Al Kous, Assistant Undersecretary for the School Environment and Activities Sector, Ministry of Education, emphasized that the program is a unique experience given its goals and objectives. She explained that the program includes a variety of events such as scientific activities and exploration which will hone student skills by learning through modern sources. This is in line with the Ministry’s efforts to provide students with 21st-Century skills to enable them to take responsibility for transforming the country into a knowledge-based economy.

Explaining further, H.E. Al Kous said that students who are among the best in public schools will engage in a variety of workshops that will help them build up various practical and scientific skills essential for the development of their creativity and innovation. In addition, visits to important landmarks in Ireland will be organized in order to provide students with key skills and scientific expertise.

She stated that the program prepared for students will include visits to universities and institutes that have exemplified excellence in creativity and innovation, particularly in scientific and technical pursuits. Participants will also undertake several expeditions, undergo a variety of workshops, and conduct interviews with important figures related to creativity and innovation, among many other related events.

H.E. Al Kous said that bringing balance to a student’s personality and improving 21st -Century skills are all goals that the Ministry is seeking for students. She noted that foreign programs and camps are important contributory tools in the achievement of these goals.

She explained that the second batch of 100 students who left for Ireland will be subject to the programs prepared in advance in collaboration with the most prestigious educational and industrial institutions in Ireland. This will enlighten them about career and educational opportunities, improve their knowledge and life experiences, and make them more capable of choosing a profession that is most appropriate for them, consequentially building a generation of scientists that the UAE will rely on in the future.

H.E. Al Kous mentioned that these students will gain new experiences that will help them to engage in a successful professional life, introduce them to the importance of technology in the 21st century, train them on work according to the best practices of global institutions, and raise their scientific and practical competence in general. Additionally, she said that the program will equip them with scientific, life and practical skills that will refine their personalities and help the UAE to rise to the highest levels internationally in various fields. The initiative will prepare a generation of UAE Nationals who can compete globally and assume leadership positions with confidence and competence, complementing the visions and aspirations of the wise leadership.

Furthermore, she showed that the program, which will take place in Ireland, is diverse and comprises internal scientific lectures and foreign entertainment activities. It will also focus on teaching English, with students to sit for an entry level exam upon their arrival and receive lessons in English according to their level during their stay in Ireland.

The introduction meeting with the students included viewing a video about areas that they will visit as well as their accommodations. They have been urged to exercise good manners and present a positive image of the UAE when in Ireland and have been encouraged to adhere to the culture and customs of the UAE and Islam, while learning about the culture of others in line with the customs and traditions of Islamic religion.

© Press Release 2015

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